Craft show advice from Etsy Part II

mjowestNovember 29, 2011

here's a more recent discussion for your viewing pleasure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Etsy Craft Show Advice

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Just finished reading - they have the same issues with greeting or not - personally, I greet all that I think might be interested in my products and they are under $9 - The one gal who reads a book!!! That's awful!!! I made $1250 last Fri ad Sat (6 hours each day)and I almost lost my voice... I'm till getting phone and e-mail orders today - yep, I'm a greeter...

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I'm with you Grandma bonnie! Both as a seller and as a shopper. I added my 2 cents to the etsy post, and I also want to say here that at the show I set up at in September when my friend covered our booth and I looked around, some of the venders seemed to refuse to speak to me. And when I was on vacation accross the country once, the seller actually ran out of her booth when I started to compliment her on her mosaic birdbath. I am a middle aged tall but otherwise ordinary looking woman, no deformities or anything lol. Does any one know why venders wouldn't speak to a person or actually run away? Especially the same day when shoppers were talking to me and buying from me, I know I wasn't looking odd that day or anything.

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I don't want a vendor to hover over me, but I do like to have them say 'something' and then leave me to look.
I was usually painting in the booth and when someone stopped, I would say "If you have questions let me know"!
That worked for us. We did about 25 shows a year for 15 years. Bill and I both would just then let them look....
I can't imagine why anyone would leave while you were trying to talk to them!

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I think you should at least acknowledge a 'potential' customer by saying hello~~then walk away. ;o)

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I will say hello to each and every customer who stops in my booth. If the weather's bad I will also thank them for coming out. And since I sell something different, people won't stop unless they think they have a need for my product, which is a method to hang decorations, or plants, or wind chimes etc, from vinyl siding without putting any holes in the siding.

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Chris - I like the addition of thanking the customer - you don't post much but your thoughts and ideas are always welcome and timely. You are an asset to this forum - thank you.

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Thanks Bonnie, I appreciate that.

I'm usually busy getting ready for shows as I do about 40 a year. I'm leaving for New Hampshire this afternoon to set up at my last show of 2011. A 2 day event.

Then I curl up in front of the woodstove and let winter in Vermont happen until late January when the show season starts all over again.

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Where is your show? I am busy on Saturday, but Sunday, who knows! Would your product work on aluminium siding?

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