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kiddNovember 29, 2007

Where can I find sterling silver earring post that clip on. I am looking for the old fashion kind. It has to cover ear lobes that have been pierced and now the hole has split.

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You might have luck find them at a craft store like Michael's. Look in the bead/jewelry making aisle.


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If you are looking for sterling you might want to try www.firemountiangems.com, www.artbeads.com, www.auntiebeads.com, or maybe even call your local jewelry.

Base metals and plated pieces are easily found like Sal said Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc...

good luck,

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There is a new product out that you can put on the back of your ears to support earrings if your ears have been torn. I know our local Walgreens carry it in the area with things advertised on TV.........but I bought some for a girlfriend that couldn't wear post earrings as the holes on her lobes had been stretched so much that a post would go through it.
If I hadn't already wrapped them with some earrings, I would look at the name!!!!!
Just thought I would share......Julie

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