A Button Snowman Pin

kudzukweenNovember 27, 2008

A quickie craft for almost any age, and will make a nice gift for a child to give. Use larger buttons than I did!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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That is so adorable! Too small or not, it still looks very creative and nice.

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That is cute - I love the hat you made :)

I made something kind of simlar a few years ago, but I must have given them all way. I can't find one to take a picture of.

I used 3 old shell buttons (they were cut from clam shells back in the day). Small, Medium, Large. The small one had just two holes punched in it. I used one stitch of orange floss through the holes to make the nose. I dotted the eyes with a small dab of black enamel paint on a toothpick. Same for the mouth.

I would glue them to a biscuit. A biscuit is an almond shaped flat piece of wood they use to join boards together in woodworking.

I overlapped them slightly - with top button over the medium, and the medium slightly over the bottom one.

I glued them down with E6000. When it was dry, I tied a couple strands of floss around the neck for the scarf and glued a pin back on the the back side of the biscuit.

They were cute and easy - but I love the hat on yours!!

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Thanks ya'll!
I glued mine straight to the pin backing. And I used embroidery floss as the scarf, and decoration on the top hat. The top hat is cut from fun foam.
It'd be better glued to something before being glued to the pin :D

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I thought it was very cute the way it is. Jan

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