Two little questions

oceannaNovember 28, 2007

I asked this on the decorating forum but thought you might have some good answers over here.

1. How do you keep candles sticking upright in a candle holder, not flopping or falling?

2. How do you glue back together a broken resin figurine? I tried tacky glue, superglue and hot glue gun and none of that even thought about sticking.


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If you use a lighter and melt a bit of the bottom of the candle and then stick it back in the candleholder before it hardens, that usually does the trick! I learned that when I was quite young from my Mom :) Another thing I have tried a time or two when I didn't have anything around to melt the candle is to take a bit of a tissue or toilet paper and wrap it around the part that goes in the candle stick.

I don't know what to tell you about the glue thing. I have always used super glue and it's worked. Maybe you're using too much or not enough or just not letting it set long enough?

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Try E-6000, you can get it at Wally. I have never had much luck with super glue but the E-6000 has always worked well.

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This site might be helpful for your glue question:


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Thanks, Sweets. Superglue sure didn't work on this resin -- tried to glue my fingers together, though. Your candle trick worked after I pared my taper down slightly at the bottom with a knife.

Ingeorgia, thanks, I'll look for that.

Luvs, thanks that link is really cool, but it doesn't have resin.

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