Idaho Baked Potato Bag

phonegirlNovember 7, 2008

GB and anyone else who is interested. Sounds like you have quite the busines making and selling these bags. I love mine. This is the baked potato bag my neice gave me years ago. Guess you can tell it's old and she's from Idaho. Thought you might want to see how they made them in Idaho years ago. I made everyone in the family one years ago for Christmas and now I have friends who would like one. I don't have a serger and now that I've seen how easy they could be to make from you, I need to buy a serger first, right.? HA HA I'm seriously thinking about one but not sure what model to buy. Can you give advise on this? Also would I be able to figure out how to work it? My sewing machine is Bernia and it has been wonderful. I got free sewing lessons with the purchase and have used the dickens out of it. Still love it. I paid $1000 for it 25 years ago and have only taken it in once because it locked up. The gal offered to trade me a new one for it but I said no cuz she was honest enough to tell me to keep it.

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Thanks for sharing the picture of yours. People who use theirs are my best customers. lol I bought my first serger at Wal-Mart about 6 years ago - it was a Singer for under $200. It was a workhorse! The only reason I traded up was I found a fantastic deal on a Juki (Bernita wanna be) for around $5 - it even does ruffles! I treat my machines very well - oiling and dusting them weekly - I even change the needle monthly, but I use my sergers probably 5 days out of seven for hours on end! The hardest part of the machine is learning how to thread it! I bit the bullit and cut the threads when I got it home ands perfected the threading technique. There are so many tutorials out there! I had someone give a few lessons about a year after I had the machine to teach me new techniques, but I think if you are good at reading the manuel, you can do it yourself and there are so many websites and you tube videos to help you too. I would maske sue there is someone locally that can work on your machine if anything goes wrong. It might be worth a trip to talk to them to ask questions on their recommendations as long as it is within reason. I bought mine thru sew and vac online and they were very good to me...

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I want a good buy like you! LOL Thanks for the advise. I'll have to do some looking but we live 60 miles from where I'd be able to get help so that is not going to work for me at this point in my life. Sounds like you use your machine alot and enjoy it. That's Great. I've started painting again and I'm spending any spare time doing that.

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I love the bag, but what do you do with it? Do you actually bake the potato in it? I have never seen one before.


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I made Baked Potato Bags several years ago when I was still following the craft shows. Mine don't look at all like that...but I think that one would be easier to use. How big is it in size?

Mine is too small. but usually if I do more than two potatoes at a time I just fold them in the middle of a quilted type place mat...that works the same. I just lay it in the microwave and fold it over to cover the potatoes that are wrapped in moist paper towels.

I'd like to try to make some like yours that are actually a bag.

I gave one of the ones I made as a gift to a friend...Hers caught on fire. It was made exactly the same as the one I have and I've used it for years now.

I wonder if she got grease on hers and didn't wash it before using it again.

Any of you have problems like that with yours?


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The place mats are made with polyester - not cotton batting. That's why it caught on fire... Also there are still microwaves that don't have a carrasel (turntable) and they will develope hot spots which will burn things in the microwave - I found this out from a repairman...

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Ok I have seen the potato bags on here before...What kind of fabric are they made out of? Is it just regular quilted cotton fabric? are they lined with anything? I have looked at GrandmaBonnie's tutorial but couldn't find that info on it anywhere. I can sew(have done it since I was 6) so I think I can handle that part...just need to know what fabric to get to start...

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The place mats are NOT what caught on was a potato bag...

And I've use the place mats many many times...NO fire for me.


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You need to use 100% cotton batting inside the potato bag. I'm sorry you didn't understand the tut on ther bag - if you have any problems, e-mail me at Remove the nospam in my address. I use regular cotton fabric on the oputside. Pattico my bags are 9 3/4" x 11" - enough room for 5 -6 potatoes.

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Thank you so much Grandma Bonnie...The only thing I didn't understand about the tut was what kind of fabric and batting you needed to use. The rest of it made sense. You did a wonderful job on it. I can't wait to try one.

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Thank you for the dementions of the bag...I think I'll make myself a new one.


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