Dying T-shirts for vibrant color

strumheadNovember 25, 2012

Am wanting to dye some white all-cotton t-shirts. I've tried this previously, but when the shirts are washed and dried, the colors end up being pale pastels. (I've used Rit & similar brands of dye.) I would like to find out how to create vibrant colors that last. I don't care if I need to soak in dye for a month. I just want rich colors.

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Did you everr find anything that works for you?

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Procion or other fiber-reactive dyes are the way to go if you want truely vibrant colors (Dharma Trading is my go-to-crew for dying)

if you're stuck with RIT? use half as much water (or twice as much dye) and simmer it on the stove for at least half an hour...or go out and buy an old crock pot for $5, and use that.

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Did you dye it using luke warm / not so hot water?

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