Holiday Help Please ISO Christmas brain teaser??

katclaws_moNovember 18, 2010

Hello everyone, I am looking for (actually I'm not sure what they are called) but some printable Christmas quizes?? brain teasers? logic games?? match up game??? party ice-breakers??? NO CLUE HERE

They are sort of a quiz that by the process of elimination you have to figure out the answers. I'm sorry I'm not describing this very well.

I have one about Santa's Reindeers. Clues are given as to what color barn each lived in, what their favorite toy is. Who ate which cereal, their favorite drink. Which color barn in next to each other. Then you have to figure out what order they all belong.

Does anyone know of a website, where I could find some more of these (whatever they are called)????

Thanks in advance & Happy Holidays or in my case it's Holidaze ~~~ katclaws

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I think you are looking for the word "trivia". ;-) Google something like "Santa, trivia, games". Substitute "Christmas, reindeer, snowman, etc." in place of "Santa" and I suspect you will get more hits. Here is a quick one I found.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Trivia

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I believe the term is "logic puzzles".

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Thank you for your replies! I will try searching with your suggestions.

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