need help on displays for craft shows

faithlovehope6November 3, 2009

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or links on displays for craft shows. I do jewelry, bottles, glasses, and wedding items.

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here's some info to look at below link. you can also google "displays for craft shows" but do the IMAGES to show pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: craft show displays

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First, let's start at the beginning.

What type of display are you looking for? Do you want a table top display as you just have a table at the shows? Or are you looking at a 10x10 booth?

You do four different things. My suggestion is to separate those items in your display. If you're just starting out, see which media sells, and in the future, concentrate on that one only. Be known for that craft, not a collection of crafts.

Next, no matter how big or small your selling area is, always get electricity! Even if you have to pay extra for it! You can NEVER have too many lights. And one sale will pay for the electricity.

Another tip: NEVER sit down unless you have a disability. You don't see the clerks at the mall sitting down do you? You're going after the same customers. Don't "make stuff" thinking you're "demonstrating". Unless you're making brooms at a folk festival, you're there to sell. And if the others around you are sitting, that's an advantage for you as you will be eye to eye with your customers ready to answer questions and show them your work. Believe it or not, when a customer sees you concentrating on your work, they won't want to "bother" you and will walk right on by.

Be enthusiastic! This is your creation! Be proud of it! Smile. A LOT! Say hello to every customer that slows down in front of your booth. If the weather is bad outside I always thank them for "coming out in this weather". You would be surprised how many sales I can make just by saying that.

And make sure your prices are visible. People don't want to hunt for the prices.

Again, let us know what type and size display you're looking at and I know we can help. Personally, I have had every size display from a 6 foot table top to a 30 foot booth at shows.

I LOVE what I do for a living!

Chris in VT

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Yeah - what Chris said. I'm with him on everything... We do need to know more as to what area you will be displaying your items and what are your items? I usually try for a 10' x 10' spot as I don't have a lot of different things - I use a few shelf units I have found over the years that fold flat and I use lattice to display my neck coolers in the summer - I have friends that use the same lattice to display their items that hang - oooops forgot to mention that I use my canopy for most shows - yes, even indoors (I use nylon netting to dress it up with lights to set it off...)

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I make alot of recycled items. recycling is big right now. and I am trying to help the enviroment and make pratical items. from jewelry to candle holders to recycled bottles. My main focus is recycling items to make the useful and beautiful again, but keeping cost low so people want to buy them.

I like the screen or lattice idea but I heard about too many people getting slivers and stuff. I just do not know.

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I use the pvc (plastic) lattice - It is easily cut and looks nice - I bought mine at Home Depot

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Yes, what Chris said! I've proved this fact over and over that standing up and talking to people sells your items. Yes you're gonna be tired at the end of the day and your feet will hurt, but you ARE working and you'll have money in your pocket to prove it. And I second the thought to have your prices CLEARLY visible, and also even signs stating what your items are. Some people are really clueless and need things spelled out plain and clear. Also perhaps a sample of what to do with the product if it is something unique or unusual.

Depending on what you're selling, I have found people will not come IN to my booth if I use a U-shape display or a display where they must "come inside". For the items I sell, (survival kits, gag gifts, accordion scrapbooks and other paper crafts) I need to have a straight line of tables that they MUST walk past. If they HAVE to walk by, something usually catches their eye enough to stop and then they're hooked. I found this out through trial and error, and you will learn many things this way also. I have rearranged tables in the middle of a show when things just weren't working and people just weren't looking, and always go back to the "in their face, have to walk by me" display. I'm guilty of the same thing when I cruise through a show. Unless I see something very interesting, I do not go "in" to booths. I don't know if it is just laziness or what, but this is just something that I have observed and learned from.


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anyone have a source for the metal grid work panels that I've seen in so many booths lately? I sell denim clothing that I've appliqued and decorated. I have 3 panels that I got from a store that was going out of business but need more! Help!!

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Just ask where they bought thei panels.

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Check e-bay for the grids - I've found a few bargains there

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I've gotten some spin-racks through They were very reasonably priced and I see they handle the grids as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: store supply warehouse

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Check out a magazine called Sunshine Artist. There are articles on display, and sources for them. See if a local library subscribes, so you can skim issues and articles quickly without waiting for the topic to come up each month.

They have a website too, though there is not the same content as in the paid magazine, of course.

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thanks for the suggestions everyone!!

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