cooktop decision vs electric range

miatadanDecember 3, 2013

Earlier this year I had decided best choice was a induction range but after looking at some in person, learned that ranges using Schott Ceran glass where from KitchenAid, Whirlpool and Maytag and these used what they refer to as stream clean for oven cleaning and noticed oven door was hollow. Build quality of most ranges seem to be going down hill since the 1980's.

I live by myself in private home, so most times Breville toaster oven is what I use to cook single piece of chicken breast or fish fillet etc and decided maybe cooktop be better option.

At first thought induction cooktop be best but been reading about emf radiation concerns decided best to stick with radiant cooktop. Wolf's 30" electric cooktop too expensive at $2590 Canadian but Bosch NET5054UC is good buy at $1179 Canadian....

There is service for Bosch where I live but not Miele so decided not wise to purchase Miele cooktop out of town.

is my thinking correct?

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I don't have a range because we can't give up the cabinet space under our cooktop. If I could I would have a range (your choice) because the space use makes more sense than a wall oven cooktop. Also, I have read that ranges have less trouble with electronic control damage from using the self-clean feature of the oven. I don't personally like induction. I bought an induction hot plate and couldn't use it because I have a heart pacemaker. Also I checked our Cuisenart cookware and none of them was magnetic anyhow.

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