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kal34December 2, 2012

We are starting the process of our kitchen remodel and we have about an 18 to 20K kitchen budget. I would love some input on the appliances I've narrowed down so far. The pricing I've noticed is just based on internet research. I have not been to an appliance dealer yet. I'm having particular trouble deciding on a fridge!

36' Wolf 6 burner range: $6200
Blanco Performa Sink: $700
Thermador 36' French Door Fridge: $7000
Electrolux wine fridge: $1700
Bosch dishwasher: $1500
Bosch wall hood/vent: $1500

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I am in the same process and have been looking at so many reviews I'm seeing them in my sleep! Check out Maytag refrigerators. They get high marks for durability.

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Good call on the Wolf!

Gawd, I'm a long term owner (years) of a Thermador 36" Gas range and I've regretted it. It's been nothing but problems for service and parts. And it's hardly used!

I'm out warning people about Thermador ranges on each thread I can. . telling them "do your research!" (That's how mad I am!)

I didn't do my research and found out the hard way. I'm into my $5K range for $7K now and it's still not working right. If only I had researched, I would have found out buying a Thermador was rolling the dice on service and parts. From day 1, it took months to get replacement panels that were damaged in delivery. That was my first clue. Thought "oh ohhhhhhhh." But I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

Then an igniter board went out a year ago. Then a circuit board went out 4 months ago. Now, it seems the circuit board went out again.

I'm like thousands and thousands of people, angry and stuck with very expensive "heap." So I either pay another $700.00 for yet another circuit board repair (if I can get one) or I pay 5-6-7K for a new range. And a new range isn't in the budget.

One repair tech also told me parts for Wolf and Vikings are readily available, at a fraction of the cost.

I have a SubZero fridge and have never regretted it. Only 1 repair 2 years ago, known problem and covered by Wolf/SubZero. Fast, courteous and knowledgeable!

I have a Bosch dishwasher. 2 repairs, both fast, and efficient. Have never regretted it.

The wine fridge is on my "wish" list. (grin)

I opted for a Kohler double sink (the round veggie sink on the side).

Great list there! Looks like you're on the right track!

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Thanks any other recommendations for a french door fridge. Sub Zero looks great but I don't quite want to spend that much b/c then I would have to compromise on other areas.

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We found that getting "hands-on" with appliances at dealers changed our minds significantly from what our initial Internet research had suggested. You need to feel how the drawers in a fridge or the racks in an oven roll in and out, how the touch panel controls on an oven respond, etc.

Make sure you see "live" appliances, and think hard about how you actually use/want to use appliances. Always carry a tape-measure and a notebook. Don't be shy about taking items from home along to test.

A few random examples of questions we asked ourselves:

* Does this oven have "favourite settings"?

* How many button pushes/clicks does it take to do our most common tasks?

* How will our crockery, glasses, pans, etc. fit in that dishwasher?

This is a very personal thing; we ruled Miele ovens out because we didn't like the user interface, but others here love them.

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Outside of SZ, you chose the most expensive 36 Inch wide, french door fridge that there is!!!! Need proof???
Go Here:

or click the Helpful link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: 36 In French door Fridges priced High to Low

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Thanks Gary, that link is helpful. Based on space constraints, our designer indicated that we should really get a built in fridge so that seems to really limit my choices if I want French door style. Basically subzero, thermador, bosch, and liebherr. All expensive unfortunately!

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FWIW I have the bosch version of the Thermador builtin fridge that you are looking at. It is less cost than the Thermador - has a white interior and doesn't have the elevator shelf but otherwise i believe the same. The big difference is if you want to put your own panels on it - then you need the thermador.

We had a subzero before. I find no difference in the freshness of our food in the fridge. I really wanted the FD and the subzero didn't have that when i bought my appliances last year. The unit is beautiful - i get many complements on it! Make sure you get a good installer on it - that's been my only issue. Good luck

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I have the Thermador 36" bottom freezer (not French door). It's great. Dual compressors, LED lighting, temp stability, good storage and ergonomics, monster hinges. Couldn't justify spending more for the SZ.

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