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unhappywithwaynehomeDecember 3, 2010

Anyone else have service issues with wayne homes...My home is still under warrenty but they drag there feet getting anything done. Every time they come to fix something they screw something else up. It's like they dont care to have a job or be there. They don't clean up after themselves, their idea of fixing a roof leak, is painting over it. It's leaking into my basement now.. Nail pops in the walls are in the hundreds and that's one room.....even though they use screws. The drywall issues are bad,looks like patch work... you can see the tape lines in it. Floors creak,sounds like a hundred year old house. Cracks in the basement walls run the length from top to bottom about 1/8 inch in 6 spots but i was told thats normal(as long as it don't leak).. Electric keeps popping (the breakers) I was told those new breakers do it all the time, their fix is to install old style breakers. I have an all electric home by the way. The outlets have some child proof plastic tabs built into them making it impossible to plug anything into them,I was told that my things were to old to by new electric items....WHAT.... There is so much more i can say, But i think i might start up my own site. People BEWARE of wayne homes they draw you in and bait and switch. Like my paint, my larger hot water tank, gave me the smaller one, an old sump pump looks like the plumber or someone needed a new one more then my house, my utility sink i paid for but they didnt put in... and who knows what else i got taken for. Upgraded insulation beats me how do you tell...

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My heart goes out to you. As I recall, we've seen complaints about Wayne Homes on this forum before. My guess is they're waiting for the warranty period to run out so that they have an excuse NOT to come back and fix anything.

Just a suggestion - try taking pictures (or videos if necessary) detailing all of all the problems. Then email the CEO/president/owner of the company (CC whoever heads up your local Wayne Homes branch and whoever actually supervised the building of your home) and attach copies of the pictures and videos. Skip writing a long irate letter (which won't get read anyway). Just write: "The attached images were all taken in the house Wayne homes built for me at [address] under a contract signed [date] and that I moved into on [date]. I have been attempting, without success, to get these issues taken care of ever since moving in. As president/CEO/owner of the company, are you PROUD of this quality of work? Will you be happy if I post these images on various internet sites as examples of the quality of work Wayne Homes did in building my house? If not, please contact me by [date]."

Keep it just that short and sweet. Let the pictures tell your story for you.

I've been dealing with various contractors now for over a year trying to get my home finished (after firing a dishonest, lousy builder midway thru the build) and recently hit upon this mechanism to deal with incomplete/substandard work. So far it has worked far better than anything else I have tried including making theats of filing a lawsuit. Unfortunately, contractors know that lawsuits tend to cost the homeowner more than they're worth. However, most business men are becoming VERY aware of the power of the internet to affect their business.

As for the cleaning up after working issue, I no longer allow anyone to work on my house unless I or someone else I trust can be there to supervise them. I'll park my truck on the street before the workmen arrive so that they park in my driveway. Then, while they're working, I go move my truck so that their vehicle is blocked in. If they start to leave without first cleaning up, when they come asking me to move my truck, I point to their mess and say with a smile, "Gentlemen, I'm sure you MEANT to clean up that mess before you left. Why don't you take care of that while I go find my keys so I can move my vehicle and let you out." So far it has worked like a charm. If it ever doesn't, I intend to pull out my camera - in front of them - take a picture and immediately call their supervisor and let him know what kind of messes his workers are deliberately leaving behind. Can you tell I've fallen in love with my digital camera! Nothing like on the spot "evidence".

Oh, one more thing. All my electrical outlets were also hard to shove a plug into at first. Didn't matter how old/new the appliance was. In my experience tho, they loosened up after a plug was shoved and pulled back out a dozen times or so. The ones I use all the time (mostly in the kitchen and master bath) are now easy to get a plug into. Someday when I have nothing else to do (HAH!) I plan to go crawling around the floor and loosen up all the rest... or maybe I could hire child to do it for me. LOL!

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At what point did you buy the home -- during the build or after it was complete? If during the build, did you have a lawyer look over your contract before building? If so, make an appointment with that person now. If not, hire one. You'll spend a few hundred dollars but hopefully will get some really good advice. (Don't wait, especially if you have near-term warranties.) Find out from your local government who does inspections during a new home build and tell them about things like the electrical problems and cracked foundation.

If you bought the house after it was built, did you hire an inspector? See if you have any recourse there.

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Thank you for your Ideas. I will be using a home inspector, also the mailing of some pics to the ceo of wayne homes. Thank you for taking the time to write back.

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I feel your pain on the Wayne Homes issues. We built our home in 2004. To date we've had the following problems: cracking in the foundation (both in block and in floors), wavy drywall, many failed window seals, a roof that our insurance has deemed subpar and will need replaced soon,garage floor is heaved up in the middle, crack in bathtub that was here since we moved in, water seepage in basement. Also, a recent home inspection discovered that we have electrical issues that present a safety hazard, due to Wayne Homes putting too many outlets on the bedroom circuit. They are quite possibly the worst home builder I can imagine. They take no responsibilty for these issues and have washed their hands of us. I WISH WE HAD NEVER BUILT WITH WAYNE HOMES!!

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