craft shows this week-end

grandma_bonnieOctober 26, 2007

Please everyone - report on any craft shows you go to this week-end. I have two shows, but the first one is a dog show - Wiener Dog Races, but Sunday's show is the first actual Christmas show for me...It's waaaaay up in the mountains and maybe only 30 venders, but people come (WITH MONEY) and spend it like crazy!!! Hopefully will do OK there as I have in the past. Then one week-end off before I have four week-ends of one day shows... You would think my van would load itself up by itself at this point...

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The dog races show was a bust - it rained on an outdoor event!?! lol I made expenses + $20 total - the good news is I won't need to bust my hiney making more items - bad news - everything got wet - I have to wait for a lull in the rain to unload what I need to that got wet o I can wash - dry and fix them... On to tomorrow!!! It's indoors!

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Hi Grandma Bonnie, So sorry to hear it rained on you. Glad you at least made a bit of profit in spite of that.

I went to a show today. Met an older friend there, and because of that I did not get to check out the whole show. She goes much slower than I would, and looks at every little thing and has to stop to talk to everyone--but she enjoyed herself and she needed the outing.

I know you make a lot of craft things. Have you seen the potato bakers/tortilla warmers? There were padded cloth, actually made me think of two potholders sewed together with one end left open. Also saw lots of the painted canvas and wooden items again, tons of jewelry, lots of windchimes and birdhouses, lots of crocheted scarves and even the flip flops with the crocheted yarn on them that we had discussed on here. I bought a cute black cat felt purse with a ribbon handle for my little GD and a wooden sign with a cute saying on it. My friend bought a cloth storybook for her newest great grandaughter. Another thing I really liked was some picture frames decorated with scrapbooking charms and such. They were really cute. Really didn't see anything that really struck my fancy or made me say "I gotta have that". But it was a pleasant outing and I love the atmosphere at the shows.


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Yes, I make potato bags - over 1500 since last September!!! lol Here is a tutorial on how to make them - it is on my webshot album - it should be on the second page...

Here is a link that might be useful: potato bag tutorial

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So sorry you got rained out, how disapointing for you and the buyers who I am sure was disapointed also, I keep hearing about these potato bags, how do they work? or what is the advange.
I like to make the burning wine bottles, when used outside the label I put on always seems to raise in places, its like it sucks up the damnpess, I use a spray glue, and couldnt remove labels if I wanted to any other time, any ideas?

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Thanks for the update Grandma Bonnie ....... I hope the indoor one is wonderful for you !

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Just got back from the small show up in the hills. Did over $200 and had a great time! Still not much Christmas sold - maybe four snowmen... I sold about ten potato bags, two aprons, 12 weiner washers( you can see them in my webshot album under the pics to post) and I sold 7 (all I made... Redneck midriff tank tops... Never thought they would sell there, but they were a hit!!! I've included a link as to what they look like - I added lace around the neckline and they flew off the table. lol

Here is a link that might be useful: redneck tank top

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I didn't even look at your sites -- but I just wanted to tell you that I am Happy for you ! I can see you are cloud 9 !!!!! Relax & Enjoy !!! Besides cash - fun is the next best thing . I'm doing the happy dance for you !!!!!!!!!
*big smile*

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OMG what a clever idea ! your redneck tank top is, cant say I would wear one, but the young kids seem to go nutty over the silly things to wear.
glad you did so well at your show.

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Grandma Bonnie - would you share your direstions for the potato bag, kind of fabric, lining, size, etc. I have not seen any of them here in the deep South. I confess I am always looking for new products to sell at the few small craft shows I do each year. Mostly I do bags and hair bows. I went to a large show at the convention center in Columbus, GA over the weekend and mostly the sewing items were bags and children's clothes. I did see a steering wheel cover and seat belt cover that I had not seen before. Thanks

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Thelma - I made a tutorial in my webshots account. zThey do really well for me...

Here is a link that might be useful: potato bag tutorial

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Weiner washers, well I tried to get a look at them, but could not locate them. Can you post a link?

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Honey the weiner washers are in the same album as the potato bags. I just checked

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grandma bonnie just the mention of the weiner washer makes me laugh outloud!! lolol
I'm glad you at least made back expenses...most everyone I've talked to has lost money! Next time will be much much better!


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