Bosh dishwasher leaking/overflowing

Jack223December 8, 2012

Model Number: SHU5312uc/06 Brand: Bosch Age: 6-10 years

I have a Bosh dishwasher model #SHU5312UC/06. That has begun to act up.

The first symptom occurred about two weeks ago, when the circulator pump failed to shut off. It ran all night, long enough for it to begin to smell (burnt electric odor). Ran the self diagnostic routine and found no codes, but the diagnostic would not finish. The circulator pump ran even though the sump was empty (by sound).

Pulled the bottom access panel and found water. Drained about two quarts. Ran the diagnostic again and noticed a leak that appeared to be coming from the junction of the motor/circulator pump assembly. Bought and installed a new motor, shaft seal, impeller and O ring. No more leaks from the pump. (I pressure tested it with rubber stoppers and compressed air).

I am now showing a diagnostic error code "4" and, on the fill cycle, I have water squirting out of the vent hole in the translucent plastic housing on the left side of the machine that connects the water inlet hose, drain pump hose and drain hose. Directly to the right of this (toward the front of the machine) is a blue plastic housing that holds the water leakage float and what I believe to be the water level sensor. Both switches seem to be free and working properly when tested with an amp meter.

I�ve also sight checked both parts of the control board for obvious fault, and can find no evidence of a burnt spot on the board or loose/poor solder connections.

I�m stumped, and would appreciate any help any of you can offer. I�ll try and attach two pictures, one of the pump leak area (believed to be repaired), and one of the drain assembly where water is now coming out. Beginning to think I should have listened to the wife and sprung for a new machine

Thanks in advance for any help.


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You sound very knowlesgeable. Contact Bosch.

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Find a large trash can and dispose of it. Their DW's are difficult to service and unreliable. Their advice is very suspect. [Don't pre-clean your dishes, at all] [Don't run hot water at the sink]

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Find a large trash can and dispose of it. Their DW's are difficult to service and unreliable. Their advice is very suspect. [Don't pre-clean your dishes, at all] [Don't run hot water at the sink]
TRASH! What relation does prerinsing (or not) and purging the hot water line (or not) have to Bosch dishwashers (or any brand) being "trash?"

Prerinsing shouldn't be necessary with any modern dishwasher. I didn't prerinse when using a 1975 KitchenAid, surely not going to start now.

Purging the water line is a good thing for machines that don't have assured on-board water heating.

Purging is not necessary for those that do have on-board heating. Enzymes in dishwasher detergents nowadays work best at moderate temperatures - higher than about 125F can be too hot, impede enzyme action. Starting with a cool fill and slowly heating to a target temp gives a longer wash period, more time for enzymes to work as the temp ramps up.

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If you have water coming out of the vent hole in the drain device you probably have some blockage. The blockage will cause back pressure.

I agree with Dadoes regarding the pre-rinse and the starting with cooler water due to the enzymes in the newer detergents dieing off at temps above 130F.

The only thing to throw away is jumpilotmdm's statement.
Your SHU5312UC/06 looks to be a 1999 model so it certainly can't be said to be a bad product.

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I agree junk it...

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