lightbulb pumpkin

donnas_gwOctober 7, 2008

I finally finished my lightbulb pumpkin. Not too good with faces, though LOL. I do the best I can.

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Sooooo cute! you can do a search for pumpkin faces and get alot of ideas, I love the silly faces myself.

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thanks oddie. I wish I had a sturdier hand, then I could do the faces alot better.

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Awwww I think your pumpkin is cute. Faces are hard for lots of folks, but if you keep practicing drawing faces, it will get easier, and as suggested, look for faces on the internet to guide you.

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I think he's a cutie...You done a good job.

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Well, thought I left message day you put this on!! He's so cute!! Love the twine & leaf & curlie thing!! You did fine painting!! Doesn't have to be perfect!! Usually Halloween things are little crooked or wiggley, part of the charm!! Nice orange & like that you painted the top & added decoration to it. Great job making it your own!! Jan

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It took many coats of the orange artists pigment (Folk Art) to cover the thing. I thought it was going to take forever, not to mention taking off the old paint and starting over a couple times. Will not use that stuff again!!

Several times when I went to apply a second coat, the brush would take off sections of the first coat that I had put on. I thought I let it dry completely before recoating, but maybe I didn't.

I've started another bulb, but this time I decided to put primer on it before painting. Priming is as far as I've gotten on this new one. Cleaning the bulb first with alcohol doesn't make the paint stick any better, at least not for me. I don't know if I'll do too many more of these lightbulb crafts. Maybe I should stick to making wreaths and sewing LOL.

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I didn't even use alcohol on 2 bulbs I've started. 1 orange ! white. I did wash them tho. I put coat of orange on & go to bed, get up & put 2nd coat in morning & 3rd that night 3 coats is all it's getting! White 1 needs another coat at least. Going to be skull, I hope! The paint will come off if you don't let it get really dry. Also if you are doing it slowly & going back over it several times. We were warned at class not to be going back over the glass as it makes paint come off. also what are you putting on paint with, I use a Jen black foam brush & wash it out, stand up in jar after washing it out with soap also. A painting brush leaves more marks on the bulbs. Alcohol might not get film off a bulb, wash it with soap, maybe Windex glass cleaner & dry with towel. A bulb is usually in lamp or fixture for several yrs before burns out. Could get pretty filmy in all that time. a quick swipe with dust cloth might even make film worse, Pledge & such is wax. That is why I wash in soap & hot water.And Windex. Hope this helps! Jan

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donnas, you can use a blow dryer to hurry up the drying time, or set by a small heater, the bulbs do take alot of drying time and must be totaly dry before you apply another coat, I use the blow dryer alot when painting , cant stand waiting for something to dry, you can finish a bulb in no time this way.
another idea for faces, you can cut out faces from paper of ones printed out and glue them on, or cut from foam,you can use buttons for eyes, a nose can be made from lots of things, old CDs make cute pumpkins to put on a wreath.
just keep trying, you are doing great!

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sunnyca, thanks for the tips!! I do rinse them under warm water while wiping a wet paper towel over them, but have never used soap or anything. I am guilty of going back over it a few times while doing the first coat. I think I did use a brush on the pumpkin because that paint was so thick. I had some cosmetic wedges for applying make-up which I bought at the dollar tree store. I am using one of those on my next bulb.

oddie, I have a small desktop fan to help them dry. Maybe I should use my blow dryer. I'm like you, I don't have the patience to wait for one to dry LOL. I'll probably keep painting the faces on until I get them right, although using foamies doesn't sound like a bad idea. Thanks for the tips.

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I am so impressed. How many have you broken? Are they less breakable after painting?

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danoah, I've only made 2 so far. Haven't broken any yet. Did you see the one I did of a gingerbread man? Here's a picture

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These are both so darling! I love both of them.


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