survival kits/emergency kits

minnie_txOctober 6, 2005

these are some I copied back in 1999. Apologies to the original posters. I think you could mix and match to what ever kit you wanted to make

Anti-Depression Kit

Eraser: A reminder that we all make mistakes, but we can wipe the slate


Penny: Save this and you will never be broke again.

Marble: To keep you rolling along.

Rubber Band: To keep you bouncing back and flexible.

Candle: To light up the darkness.

Tissue: For drying your tears.

Toothpick: To pick out the good in others including yourself.

Cotton Ball: For the rough roads ahead.

Confetti: To add some sparkle to your life.

Lifesaver: To remind you of the many times others need your help and you

need theirs.

Rainbow: A reminder that after every storm comes a rainbow.

Paper Clip: To hold everything together when it falls apart.

A Hug & Kiss: To remind you that someone cares about you!

Backpackers Survival Kit

Lifesavers - in case you fall into the water

Skittles - in case it rains, you can provide your own rainbow

Cotton ball - to help soften the rough roads

Battery - so you can keep going and going and going and going

Gum - to remind everyone to stick together

Quarter - so you can call for help

Sponge - in case it rains to soak it up

Fireball - for when you're burnt out

Map with your street circled - so you can always find home

2 Kernels of corn - for when you crave a two piece chicken dinner

Choc Covered Raisins (Animal Poop) - so you know what not to step in

Tums - for after the campfire food

Small Empty Bottle - "Instant Water" add water and shake

Bus driver survival kit

Tootsie roll - so you can "roll" down the highway

Sponge - to soak up the rain, so you don't have to drive in it

Mounds - for the mounds of miles that you drive

Marbles - to replace the ones you've lost

Gem - to remind you you are carrying precious cargo

Aspirin - take two every day

Cotton Ball - to cushion those rough roads

Rubber bands - for when your patience is stretched

Tums - for all the nervous stomachs

Mirror - to remind you how important you are.

CPA Survival Kit

Abacus - for when your calculator wears out

Marbles - to replace the ones you will loose

Rope - in case you get to the end of yours

Penny- to give you extra cents (sense) to know which battles to fight, &

which ones to ignore."

Magic Wand - for the magician people think you should be

Piece of string - to help you "tie-up" those loose ends.

A Lifesaver - to keep you from drowning in everyday problems.

A lemon drop - to remind you that "when life gives you lemons, you make


A lollipop - to help you lick your problems.

A rubber band - to help you to remember to be "flexible" in all things.

A Snicker candy bar - to remind you that laughter IS the best medicine.

A paper clip - to help you "hold it all together."

Acaramel - to help you remember to take time out to "chew the fat" with


A stick of gum - to give you that "stick-to-it" attitude.

A safety pin - to help you "pin-point" your problems, the better to solve


Get out of Jail Free card - for that tax return you fudged on

A mint - so you will always have a fresh outlook .

Candle - for when you're burning the midnight oil

Battery - to help you keep going and going and going.

Candy kiss - to remind you that you are loved by me!

Christian Survival kit/

candle- to remind you to share His light with others

rubberband- to remind us to be flexible to God's will for us

Life saver- to remind you of the many times others have needed your help

and you theirs

eraser- God forgives our sins, we must do the same for ourselves and


cotton ball- to keep our hearts soft to God and others

snickers candy bar- to remin you to laugh at yourself- laughter is good


hug (the hershey kiss kind) because we all need one from time to time

cross- to remind you of the sacrifice He made because He loves you.

Every Day Life Survival Kit:

Toothpick: Pick the good qualities in everyone including yourself.

Rubber band: Be flexible. Things might not always go the way you want.

Band-Aid: To heal hurt feelings, either yours or someone else's.

Eraser: Everyone makes mistakes. That's okay, we learn by our mistakes.

Candy Kiss: Everyone needs a hug or a compliment everyday.

Mint: You are worth a mint to your family and friends.

Bubble Gum: Stick with it and you can accomplish anything.

Pencil: List your blessings every day.

Tea bag: Relax daily and go over your list of blessings.

Fireman's Survival Kit

Lifesaver - to remind you that that's what you are

Piece of string - for when you get to the end of your rope

Silk Rose - to help you always smell sweet

Hugs & Kisses - because you deserve them from all

Jewel - because you are as valuable as a precious stone

Tissues - to wipe the tears of joy and sadness

Mounds Bar - for the mounds of courage you need

Starburst - for that "Burst" of energy that you need

Star - to remind you that you are a star in the eyes of children

A Smile - to replace the ones you give away

Mints - to help you cool down after a fire

Band-Aid - in case you need some TLC

Almond Joy - to replace the joy you give to others

Fisherman Survival Kit

Band-Aid for when you get hooked instead of the fish.

Cotton ball for when you're in rough waters.

Lifesaver (candy) in case the boat tips over.

Paper clip for when you run out of hooks.

Skittles in case it rains, you've got your own rainbow.

Gummy worms in case you run out of bait.

Magic wand to "boat" the big ones that always seem to get away.

A gift certificate for pizza in case you dont catch any fish.

Labels to attach to the fish that say "Objects are larger than they


Friendship Survival Kit

A FRIENDSHIP BAG: Keep your Friendship Bag handy and ready to use at all


A mint: you're worth a mint to me.

A button: If you can't say something nice, it's better to "button your

lip" (or to close your mouth before

saying an unkind word )

A tissue: For drying tears.

A toothpick: To "pick out" the good qualities in everyone.

A gold thread: Friendship is the golden thread that ties together our


A flower: In the "garden of life" each friendship is beautiful and unique.

Lifesavers: Sometimes we all need a little help.

Cotton Ball: To cushion the rough roads.

Rubber Band: For flexibility!

Safety pin: to bind us together in friendship

Sweet & Sour Tarts: A reminder to appreciate the differences in others.

A Hug & Kiss: Sometimes we all need hugs & kisses. (or Everyone needs

daily TLC )

Happy Faces: Smiling is contagious

Candle: You light up my life

Band-Aid: For healing hurt feelings. (or to help a friend who needs

mending )

Paper Clip: To keep everything together.

A Star: To reflect your inner beauty

Recipe card: To share a favorite with a friend as a symbol of caring

Eraser: To remind you that every day you can start with a clean slate

Small smooth stone: to remind you that rough times refine and polish- use

for smoother tomorrows

Note card: to send a long overdue greeting to a friend or relative

Playing card: a reminder to be playful and have fun

Golfer's Survival Kit

Chocolate Golf Balls - for the golfer that lost his

Aspirin - for the headaches this game causes

Band-Aid - for blisters

Eraser - to start each golf game off with a clean slate

Wooden Egg - for all those Birdies

Lifesaver - for when your ball is in the water

Quarter - may this be the only "eagle" you get

Rubber band - stay flexible when you swing

Sunscreen or hat - for shielding sun from the face

Towel - to wipe off the sweat of hitting the ball

Sweet and sour candy - to prevent any harsh words slipping out

Pencil - to write correct scores (or maybe cheat a little)

Tee - because we may forget to pick some up

Bottled water - to keep from passing out

Chapstick - to keep lips moist

Cleat cleaner or stick - so you donÂt track dirt and grass into the car

GolferÂs book of jokes - to pass the time when it rains

Grandparents Survival Kit

Hand Lotion - to remind you that babies need lots of soft touches

Safety Pin-- to help remind you to be safe

Marbles - to replace the ones you will loose

Lifesavers - to remind you that grandparents can be lifesavers

Pen & paper - to write down your thoughts & memories to share when they

are older

Small hand mirror - to remind you that you play an important roll in the

life of your grandchild!

Wipes - for cleaning up those little messes

Candle - to remind you, you will be the light of that childÂs eye

Peppermint - to remind you you are worth a mint

Brag Book - so you will always have your grandchild near

Sweet & Sour Candy - to remind you that every child can be both

Clock - to remind you that time passes to quickly...enjoy every minute

Mounds Bar - for the mounds of wisdom you will pass onto your grandchild

Hershey's Hugs & Kisses - because you deserve them!

Guardian Angel Survival Kit

Make life beautiful -- one day at a time!

Smiley Faces: Smiling is contagious.

Band Aid: To fix hurt feelings.

Rubber band: To stretch you beyond your limits.

Glitter: To make life sparkle!

Sweet & Sour Candy: A reminder to appreciate the differences in others.

Eraser: A reminder that everyday can begin with a clean slate.

Gum: A reminder to think before you "chew" others out.

Toothpick: To pick out the good in everyone including yourself.

Button: To button your lips when you have nothing

Hairdresser's Survival Kit

Tootsie Roll - to help complaints "roll" off your back

Button - to remind you to sometimes button your lip

Dollar - for the tip you didn't receive

Rubber band - to remind you to be flexible

Mint - because you are worth a mint to your customers

Happy Face (Sticker) - to remind you to keep smiling

Paperclip - to help hold it all together

Cotton Balls - to cushion all the standing you do

Lollipop - to help you "Lick" anything

Lifesaver - to remind you of the many times you have been a lifesaver

Magic Wand - to remind you of the many times you have been a magician

Band-Aid - to heal your hurt feelings

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I have the same thing saved from 1999. I sell some of these
kits at my craft booth. You can find tons more at this site.

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