Getting ready for Christmas!

grandma_bonnieOctober 9, 2007

I do farmer's market every week 'till the holidays come - then I do shows too. I came up with this idea for this year - I have eight shows this year and if nothing else, it'll keep me focused... Get your business cards made with your name, phone number etc. and on the back (I use a 2x4" label) of your business cards - make a list of all the shows you will be at to hand out to everybody you see! Not all the information - just enough to get them interested - they can call you for the particulars - just the name of the show and the date... Give them to everyone you meet! Let's give ourselves the best chance possible to make it the best holiday season ever! it's handy to hand them out while in line at the different stores, craft stores, heck even walking in the parking lot and every cashier I see...I sell at a local market every week so I elected to make the labels to stick on the back of my business cards -

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What a great idea Bonnie!!!

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I would love it if someone gave me their card with a list of craft shows on the back! I know I sometimes miss craft shows just because I don't know about them.

Bonnie, we would love to see pics of your craft booth if you'd like to share. I'm in southern Calif., are you anywhere near me? I'd love to know about your craft show dates.


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My goodness, your are the late bird - or is that early bird? lol I live in Paso Robles, in central California. I'll get a pic of my booth - the list is for everyone, but I get the most benefit from it - good memory - just short... My shows this year are from an itty bitty town, Bryson-Hisperia to Santa Maria and Morro Bay. Thank goodness my last show is December 14th, but I also sell at out local Farmer's Market right across the street from a historic hotel where there are tourists so I'll be at it 'till the bitter end - and then some TIME OFF! Well, time to get back to making my real money maker - the neck coolers I'll be selling at the Mid State Fair this year - have to make at least 3000...

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