GE Side by Side Counter Depth Fridge

NDSADecember 30, 2013

I am looking for a GE side-by-side counter depth fridge and I am debating between the GE Profile PZS25KSESS and the GE Cafe CZS25TSESS. (the rest of my appliances are GE Profile but with the old style handles...they are about 2 or 3 years old). Anyone have any feed back on these models?

FYI - I was also looking at the CYE23TSDSS French Door Fridge. But I currently have a French Door (GE PFSS9PKY) and I don't like the freezer drawer. I can never find things. And the upper drawer (in the freezer) doesn't pull all the way out so i have to empty out the front stuff to get to the back items. So I am leaning on replacing with a Side by Side.

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any comments on any of these fridges.

Also (maybe this question should be in the kitchen forum) to make it look built in, do you build a cabinet that goes around the fridge up to the doors (but not including the doors)...or do you make it a little longer and wider so the sides go all the way out to the edges of the doors.

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Hi! I am a Personal Assistant/Household Manager, and one of the homes I worked in had GE profile counter depth fridge and freezer. They are probably 6+ years old, and I don't know the model numbers, but the fridge was a nightmare. It would over cool itself if the door was open longer than 1 minute (how can one unload groceries?!?), and once it was over-cooled it had some mechanism that would blow hot air into the fridge to rebalance the temperature. Hot air, on foods kept in the fridge... When the service guy told me about it I did not believe him. Spoke with GE and it turns out he wasn't lying. Anyhow, the freezer was fab, but I personally wouldn't get the profile fridge because at some point they thought it smart to blow warm air into a fridge and that concerns me :) However, maybe that is not a 'feature' any longer, which would negate this whole post. Best of luck finding the right fridge for you!

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