Hello! I'm new :-) kind of!

craftysheOctober 4, 2007

Hello! I use to come here a long time ago! Just saw it was a free forum again so I thought I would join.

I love to do crafts.But I don't have much time anymore because I work.

I'm a teachers aid & I work in Kindergarten.So I do do crafts with them!

Hope to get to know some of you ;-)

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Hi Craftyshe, glad you came back to the forum. There are lots of great ideas posted here, and some of the nicest crafters around. Luvs

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Welcome back :)

Do you have a new screen name? Around what time were you around here? I was here back around 2000/2001. I started posting back here about a year ago but really only started coming here more frequently in the last few months. Things are starting to pick back up again....


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Craftyshe, I am a newbie here, but I want to say welcome back. Before I retired I was also a teacher's aid. The school system changed our title to Educational Assistant, but didn't add any pay to the new name. (LOL) I like this forum and I also play on the Junk Garden and Trash to Treasure sites. I'm glad you decided to re-join.

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I think I have only posted here once or twice but I can't pass up giving you a hearty WELCOME!

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Nice to have you back! Don't recognize the screen name. Do tell what name did you post under previously.

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Hi Craftyshe, glad to have you come back. As I just said to another that rejoined, I've been in the forum for a little over a year now and I just love it. You too, I hope you can post some of your creations with us. Some on here have children and they'd probably appreciate seeing something new to make with their own little ones.


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Hi Craftyshe! I teach preschool, so please be sure to share any neat Kindergarten crafts you might have!

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