Elux Oven Owners: Am I missing some trim?

elwydeeDecember 16, 2012

We just got the Elux Wavetouch 27" single oven and the convection/microwave. The microwave has black plastic trim around the edge, but the oven doesn't and the rim feels fairly sharp, like it shouldn't be exposed.

Does your oven have trim on the sides of the control panel and door?

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I looked, and mine looks just like your picture. I also ran my finger down it, and I see what you mean about it feeling sharp. But I will say that I have had it since September 2011, and I never noticed the edge before and I was never hurt on it.

I hope you enjoy your oven as much as I enjoy mine.

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Thanks for checking, Ginny. It shouldn't be a problem. I just noticed the edge while cleaning off all the sticker and tape residue, and it seems a little raw and unfinished.

Now if I can just remember how to cook after three months without a kitchen...

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