Hot - gluegun goo removal?

xminionOctober 1, 2008


Okay, so I'm a spaz. I used the hot glue gun to adhere black ric ric onto black fabric. Now there is unsightly white-colored glue goo on my craft.

Does acetone get the glue residue off without harming the fabric? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

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Try getting another piece of fabric and put som hot glue on it to make sure any of the "cures" doesn't ruin the fabric. I would try a heat gun to heat up the glue so it can be scraped off - don't know if it'll work, but try it on your scrap fabric first to make sure it works... I know I use a hair dryto get rid of the whispies...

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or maybe set it in the freezer if possible, see if it will peel off...other than that, I don't know, I have done the exact same thing..but too lazy to fix it,lol! Hey, it works on gum!
Good Luck

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