Manufacturers' appliance rebates/sales--occur regularly?

needinfo1December 26, 2012

We are vacillating on several different brands. Several have rebates that end on Dec. 31. Should an expiring opportunity like this force us into making a decision right now because these types of savings won't be offered again?

Actually, despite the fact that Viking's reputation on this board is really low, I am maybe considering buying a Viking VGIC range--the AG, open-burner one with the fewest components to go wrong. I can get $700 in rebates, and that significantly brings the price down--from $4,000 to $3,300. Viking has extended their warranty to three years, and every dealer I have talked with (as a part of the discussion of all different brands) has acknowledged that Viking had big problems in the past but is really doing better now.

I know some of you appliance gurus must have the answer to whether or not these rebates are recurring events or truly good opportunities.

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When do you need it? If you would install it immediately, go ahead. I haven't seen my Electrolux range as cheap again as when I bought it. I thought I was about 3 months from installing. Now, 16 months later, I'm about still 2 months from installing (and warranty is over).

On many things, the sales return half a dozen times a year.

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Fwiw, we just ordered our appliances tonight to arch sale before end of the year, and the sales guy indicated our warranties would not start until after installation. - they are holding the appliances there until we are ready for them

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Thanks much for the tips.

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