Boric acid - SO confused!

melaskaNovember 13, 2012

I've been researching all over and am finding conflicting info.

We are all shelled in...we have mold growing in some areas of the wood studs. We've had a horribly wet summer here in Valdez, Alaska.

I came upon a solution to TREAT mold: (From

1/2 cup boric acid powder

1/2 cup white vinegar

1 cup water

Here's a solution to PREVENT: (

Combine one part hydrogen peroxide with three parts water in bucket. Stir thoroughly.

Add 2 cups boric acid for every gallon of the water/peroxide mixture and stir thoroughly.

Then I see a 2-year old thread on Gardenweb where someone told a poster that you cannot store peroxide mixed with anything in a closed container.

We were planning to put the mixture in a Hudson sprayer so isn't that a closed container??? Or if I should mix the solution in a regular spray bottle?

We are getting the appropriate half mask respirator with splash goggles and a P-100 cartridge filter. I gave the supplier the MSDS info for boric acid.

We are planning to spray the 4.5' high crawl space w/plenty of ventilation as we do so. We also plan to put in reinforced 10 ml sheeting.

A question I was asked by someone: "Aren't you worried about all those boric acid fumes seeping up into your house?" Is that an issue?

Thanks for any help!

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Not an issue on the fumes.
A "closed container" is an unvented one. The h202 will probably bubble. If in a closed container, it could explode. But, you might not need to pump your system....
Just vent as needed.

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