Instuction for E.Z Bow Maker

sweetkitten51October 29, 2009

I have lost the insturction for my e-z Bow Maker by Offray.

Can anyone help me??

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Why would you need a bow maker? Making bows is easy especially if you use wired ribbon. Have a length of thin wire handy to secure the bow, take your length of ribbon and decide how much tail you want, then make a circle with your ribbon, keeping the tail in the middle. The circle should be double the length of the size you want your finished bow, Push it in, in the middle where the tail is, to see if it will be the right size.

Now decide how many loops you want on each side and go around the loop that many times--if you want 3 loops on each side go around 3 times. push the top down to join the tail and wrap your wire around the loops keeping the first tail on the right side of the wire and the last on the left. You can use clothes pins to hold the ribbon as you are working on it.

If you want a center loop make one and secure the wire again. if you are using wide ribbon you can make a pleat in the center before you secure the wire. With narrower ribbon just gather it in. Make the wire quite tight so you don't pull out the ribbon when you are spreading it out. Cut off the excess ribbon leaving the second tail and spread out the loops. Trim the wire and secure the ends so it doesn't stick into things or you. Your bow is done.

If you still want to use the bow maker I imagine it works pretty much the same way.

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I am bow making challenged but I followed the instructions on the attached link last year and was able to successfully make beautiful bows!


Here is a link that might be useful: How to make a puffy bow

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Thanks Maxi...I to am bow challenged...

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I looked at your link and except for cutting the v it is the same way I said. I guess it might be easier seeing pictures. I also had a look at your EZ bowmaker there and it's basically the same except you wrap it around the spindles instead of your hand.

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I have an EZ Bowmaker. I will gladly send you the instructions, however, I am computer illiterate, so you can either e-mail your address or I can ask my daughter to help me when I see her. As a matter of fact I have two, a regular one and a deluxe one. I just used it last night and I really like it.

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I can see why sweetkitten51 might want to use the EZ Bowmaker instead of winding the ribbon around her fingers. With my arthritis, there is no way I can hold my hands and fingers in that position long enough to make a bow. The ez bowmaker works great for those of us who have finger/hand challanges!


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A pdf file with pictures can be found here:

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Thanks to Linda for coming up with the real answer!!

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Hi everyone,
my daughter gave me a simple ez bow maker but no instructions.
I cannot find written instructions and wondered if anyone has found the pdf file lately?

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I have the same problem as another lady my daughter gave me a Ez Bow maker and did not have instructions with it and was wondering if some has a instruction booklet they would like to share.

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