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laurabethmswNovember 18, 2012

I love this plan but really want to have access from the laundry to the master closet. Does anyone have a way to make this work? Also, any other observations about this plan you would like to share? You guys always see things I would never think of. Thanks in advance!

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It's a cute, efficient little house. I like it.

In addition to the drawing, my only other thought is that I'd lose the seating around the island. With the real table only steps away, it's unnecessary and takes up space.

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COOL MRSPETE! Why didn't I think of that? Though I think I really like the idea of swapping bath/closet and making laundry & closet one open space. Our clothes never make it to the closet. We always go and get them out of the laundry so that would be perfect for us. Would love to see how you would make that work if you get a chance. Also, is it your observation that the pantry is not actually "walk in?" What would you guess the measurements and how could I make it larger? Here is a pic of the kitchen from this very plan, but you can see the owners eliminated the pantry so I'm thinking it is pretty small. Thanks!

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Since kitchen lower cabinets are about 24" deep, you can estimate the size of that pantry as just slightly larger than that on each side (compare it to the cabinets.) My pantry shelves are 16" deep and that is plenty. Other people prefer even shallower so things don't get lost. So, I don't think the 22" (or whatever it is) that is drawn is actually useful. I would post your plan for the Kitchen Forum to break down for you. They will give good feedback on the layout, sizing, etc.

I have a feeling they would say this island is a "barrier island"... as in, it's blocking access from the sink to the fridge and you would have to walk around it constantly. The solution being a prep sink in the island or moving appliances around.

That island is oddly shaped, as drawn. You wouldn't really be able to fit 4 stools on that end portion. If you somehow did, they are way too close to the dining table, anyway. (As drawn, if someone sat in both spots, there would be no walkway left.) I would consider reducing the long side of the island so it doesn't jut out into the dining room as much. That would also mean it wouldn't impede that walkway as much. I would also make it a rectangle like the photo you posted.

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Yep, I will Definetly go with something Iike in the pic rather than the plans suggestion. Will also post to kitchen forum. Thanks!

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To so9lve the door problem. use pocket doors.

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I'm glad you liked the drawing. I "saw" this solution immediately, but often you look at your own stuff so long that you can't see what a fresh set of eyes'll see at a glance.

The pantry: I have a friend who has a corner pantry like that, and I like it. For the small space, it holds an amazing amount of food. At the same time, it eliminates a corner, which is always a problem in a kitchen. Is it walk-in? Not so much. I think I'd call it a squeeze-in.

I like the picture of the finished kitchen -- except for the island. Its base looks too skinny; however, you could do something more substantial.

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One more thought about the pantry: Have you seen those GREAT large Lazy Susans built specifically for pantries? They're about 15-18" in diameter and hold a ton. Google, and you'll find them.

If I had a corner in my pantry, I'd definitely buy these.

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