Cinn Ornaments

levetaOctober 8, 2009

If you went to a small coutry shop and seen handmake cinn gingerbread ornament's would you buy some??

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I have!! I went to Peacemaker's in Orange County many yrs ago & they had some. They kept their scent for quite awhile. They made them there I think!! It was a quilting, crafts, country store & smelled good before the "lovely scents of Christmas" were banned because of people's perfume allergies. Guess I'm dummy, I just go through the perfume area fast & duck out the door to cough & choke!! Are you thinking of selling them?? I hear that the stores are going to try a more traditional Christmas this year with red & green! Hope they bring the Christmas Carols back because if I don't hear them I generally walk out. If I can sing along to carols I'm more likely to get in the mood & buy!! Jan

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Yes I am thinking of makeing some for my shop. My openhouse for xmas is the 8th of nov. and I need some neat little things to have in there. I don't have much time...Thanks Sunnyca...Do you remember how much they were. I want to price them reasonable...

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Sunny did they have theirs decorated?? If so how was it done...Thank You ...

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No, I don't remember how much they were, must have been pretty cheap or I wouldn't have bought them. I was buying gifts for others, wasn't going to spend money on myself. They were either plain or had cloves for eyes nose & mouth in the gingerbread men. I can't even remember how tall they were. I think 3-4 in. I liked that they smelled so good. I bought a wooden apple at the same time that had a wonderful cinnamon scent also. It was about 1 1/2 in. & I think $4. others would have been less but this was 15 yrs ago or more. Don't know if they are still in business or not. They were part of a religious group like Quakers but not quite the same, didn't mention religion or anything in the classes we took. They did wear clothes like 1890's-covered wagon days type!! I think they were in city of Costa Mesa but not sure, maybe more inland. Not too far from Disneyland. Good place to eat across the street too, Mexican food!!Love it! Jan

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I went to place I had gotten things yrs ago. Their site starts out a little scary with lots of religious stuff. But go to their products & see what they have- no ornaments at all so far this yr. Then look at the videos. They teach you to make an adorable ribbon rose with leaves & a bow!! Be sure to go down below to see how to get the video full screen. Also might have to click on left mouse a few times at it did stop several times. But it was great instructions!! They had beautiful pincushions they made also & give directions for them. Plus some other things. This group had just been through something terrible before we showed up 1 day. At 1st we couldn't figure out what was going on, the FBI had barged in & 1 elderly clerk(70's at least) had bruises on arm & & swollen around eyes, we asked what happened & they all fell apart & told us it was like a foreign takeover of their business, they were pushed & shoved into a room for quite a while while they searched the place. Seems someone had reported that they were teaching young girls to make bread from scratch & apple pies. We even had a sandwich & pie after a class in their little tearoom.Beautiful setting but someone reported that not only were they serving food but seemed to be religious. Well, it was a long fight but they are still there & apparently still or more religious as all we knew was they thought young women in America were losing all the talents of their foremothers. Breadmaking, pie making, quilting, redoing old clothes for new look, (we took sweatshirts & turned them into nice jackets) sewing ,crochet, knit, samplers, etc. Then they sold lot of gifts, doilies, baby items, handmade jackets & sweaters etc., kitchen stuff. etc If you google "The piecemaker's' it will come up & you will get some new ideas. Jan

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How sad...Sounds like a great place. I think there ought to be more places like that...

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The cinnamon ornaments I've seen have always been simple shapes accented with a strip of homespun for hanging or a simple homespun bow. Simple shapes like hearts, trees, or gingerbread men look best. I saw leaf cutouts for fall. they looked really nice too.

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Thanks adellabedella for shareing this...I was wondering if one could put them in the over at a low temp like maybe 200 to cure them faster. I don't have a dehidator...

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I think you could put them in the oven, but I would leave the door cracked a little bit so they didn't cure too fast and crack.

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I made the cinnamon ornaments in the oven years ago. Having the temp around 200 and the door open works really well. If you want to decorate them, I have seen people use drywall mud used like cake frosting...mix in a little bit of acrylic paint and use a frosting bag and tips. They turn out really cute. Or you can use cloves and such for a more country look.

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Hi Smicker, thanks for the help. Do you remember how long or how do you know when they are done?? I know I'm a pain in the rear...LOL

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Leveta, There are several recipes if you Google "cinnamon ornament recipe" Several come up. !st 1 has number of different recipes. little further down the page has Bake at 200 degrees for several hrs. turning. So you can check them out. Sound like using some allspice (ground), nutmeg & cloves would give them a really nice spicy scent!! Jan

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I made cinnamon ornaments one year. They were made with cinnamon and applesauce, but they didn't seem to hold their smell. I second using other spices too. Whole cloves hold their smell a long time.

You could consider putting whole spices--grate the nutmeg a bit first so it releases it's smell-- in a gold or silver mesh bag. Hot glue on a couple of stars--from a dollar store garland. Tie with a nice red bow and a couple of small bells. Your price should be double what the materials cost.

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Oilpainter I enjoy all these different ideals. Thank you for yours...It all gives me something to think about...

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I just ran across my recipe for these I'll post when I find it again.

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Want another easy Christmas ornament idea. An elegant ball ornament.
The dollar store should carry all you need except maybe the doily, but they may have that too.

You'll need-
some kind of ball or ball ornament
A doily big enough to go around the ball and create a small ruffle on top.
a length of narrow ribbon and some tiny silk flowers or some other tiny embellishment.
hot glue gun

Hot glue a length of ribbon to the top of the ball for a hanger. If you are using christmas balls just tie it on the ball hanger. Wrap the doily around the ball and gather it around the hanger dab it with hot glue under the folds to hold it in place. Wrap a piece of ribbon around where it is gathered and dab a couple of spots of glue under it to keep it in place. Tie the ribbon in a bow and glue on the flowers or whatever you want to embelish it with over the knot in the bow

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Here are two recipes when hard they will last for years just store in some tissue paper preferably in a flat box,

this recipe makes the hardened ornaments that are scented.
Just use a gingerbread man cookie cutter after rolling the dough out.

* 1 Cup Cinnamon
* 1T Nutmeg
* 1T Ginger
* 3/4 C Applesauce
* 2T White glue
Combine cinnamon, cloves & nutmeg. Add applesauce & glue, stir to combine, work mixture with hands for 2-3 minutes. Divide into 4 parts. Roll each to 1/4" thickness. Use straw or toothpick for hole. Place on wire rack & allow to dry at room temp. Turn after a day. (takes about 2 days to dry). I use white fabric paint to decorate them; it looks like frosting.
Another one

3/4 - 1 cup (cheap) applesauce
One 4.12oz bottle ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon of white glue (the school kind)
Tools needed:
Rolling pin or a glass
Cookie cutters
Straw or toothpick
Wire rack

Combine the applesauce, cinnamon and glue to form a stiff dough. Roll out to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut with a cookie cutter. Make a hole for a ribbon with a straw. Place on a wire rack and let dry for several days, turning occasionally.

You can use some dimentional paintt o outline the cookies ala real gingerbread etc .

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