Halloween Projects To Share?

moonwolf_gwOctober 5, 2011

Hi everyone,

I just finished the one part of my Halloween costume today and I wanted to share some pictures I took of it this evening. My main costume I have yet to get started on but, hopefully that will begin this weekend!!!!

Oh if you are a fan of this musical, I hope you enjoy viewing it as I did making it!

The Front With The Strap (crocheted and stapled to the box)

Closeup Of The Front

Left Side

Right Side

This was a very simple project. The strap took the longest to make (two or three days). The letters are foam stickers from the Dollar Tree and the "dripping blood" effect is just red glitter glue and addtional red glitter. The box is wrapped in gold wrapping paper and stapled to the box.

I appreciate all comments and suggestions!!! Enjoy!!!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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My you are having fun. So the tray is done what about the costume? Any luck finding an appropriate jacket?

I would like to make a skull wreath for the door but havent gotten around to it yet. I've got to drag my eyeball flowers out of storage. Its so windy on our front porch this time of year that I get discouraged with decorating for Halloween.

I want to use some larger eyeballs this year if I can find them. I'll try to post pics tomorrow, if I get the stuff out today.


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A few years ago I wanted to make an eyeball tree. This was before you could find them everywhere. I used catfood can lids and my daughter and I painted eyeballs on them.

For large round ones you could buy larger size white balls or styrofoam ones and paint your own.


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Today I found a glittered top hat, white gloves (not elbow length like I wanted but they'll do), a suit jacket (blue with three gold cuff buttons) and a wig (it's the right color and size but the hair itself needs to be curled a little more and I cannot find the right kind downtown.)

All that I need to get yet are some rhinestones and the gold ribbon/trim and I'll be done!!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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