trouble finding Satin covered Stryo balls

toomuchglassOctober 1, 2009

I wrote the post before about making the satin covered styrofoam balls into beautiful beaded ornaments. I've been scouting around town now for a week ,trying to find those satin covered balls ...I'm surprised to say ....... no store I have been to carries them anymore ! It's like finding a needle in a haystack . ( I found a few places that I can order on line - but I was shocked at the prices ! ) Have you ever searched for them ? - have you found them locally ? After seeing the prices - I wondered if I could cover a regular old styrofoam ball with something similar to the satin. Decoupage? Paint ? Ribbon ?

Any ideas ? (Thank you ! )Kathy

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Maybe at TS. The paper says that Xmas stuff is coming out in stores this week so might have some. You could look at TS for taffeta dress or skirt or other fabrics.Bridemaid dresses etc. I have set of 4 ornaments covered with a rich looking variety of fabrics. 1 is lime green brocade, 1 lavender, 1 red & last lt. blue. So I know lady that made them covered them herself. TS would probably be cheaper to get fabrics at than fabric shop. Lady started at top & folded cut edge under & went around until it was covered. I think she just pinned them on & then added the trims she used fancy beads on corsage pins with colored tops that matched the color of the fabric.I looked & couldn't find the colored corsage pins but think I saw them on line somewhere. Good luck! Jan

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I see them at garage and estate sales pretty often! Good luck.

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Search on ebay under 'satin christmas balls' and you will find lots of them.

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