Baby Carriage Diaper Cake

terijOctober 31, 2006

Hello everyone...

I am looking for directions or a web site with directions on making a baby carriage diaper cake for my daughter's baby shower.

This will be her last child ( she has a 15 year old son...surprise...surprise )but at any rate, I would like to make this a memorable time for her.

I would also be interested in any handmade party favors ideas that you might have.

Thank you all and Blessed Be!

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is this a diaper cake in the shape of a baby carriage? I have never seen instructions for this one.

I googled and found this pic and ingredients - I imagine it is just a matter of stacking the diapers to the right shape, just like a normal diaper cake

looks like two bibs is the hood, and a ruffle of large lace is added to the ribbon, uses rolled burp pad wheels. Not sure how all is fastened together though with such an odd shape. you could pin or glue, but some of the diapers may become unusable. The third bib may be under the toy. cannot tell if the diapers underneath are stacked or rolled. It may not matter as they are covered by the lace.


Here is a link that might be useful: diaper cake

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Hello terrij.

I'm aware of my being approx. 6 months too late but anyway:
here are some hints on how to make beautiful diaper cakes in 23 mins. or less!


Here is a link that might be useful: Diaper

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I would like to see a video on how to make the diaper carriage cake. I want to learn so bad.

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the stacking isn't so hard, I did that easily in about 15 minutes. that hard part is trying to figure out how to wrap the blanket....once I figure that out I'm golden this is the one I am making

and how I stacked it was this

the middle is just about 23 size 1 diapers tied together with string

the wheels is 4 diapers. unfold 1 diaper and roll it. unfold the next and roll that around the 1st and so on. repeat 3 times.

do that again 2 more times to create 2 rolls to act as the top of the carrige.

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