Change in dishwasher water connection?

booger3914December 16, 2011

I'm shopping for a new dishwasher for my Wife. I was ready to pull the trigger on a new Kitchenaid until I read the installation instructions. I do not like the idea of a garden hose connection, with a rubber washer, connected to plastic threads...especially when the connection is constantly under pressure. At this point I feel like I should look only at Bosch or GE since they use a traditional brass water connection. Or am I making too much of this? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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You should pick the Bosch over kitchenaid for many reasons, one of them being that issue you brought up. Kitchenaid is not in the same legue as bosch. If you want the best, unquestionably go for Miele, they are on top of the foodchain.

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Bosch has gone downhill since they started making them in America - sorry for those who want to buy American - only the very high end ones made in Germany are still of high quality. Miele is certainly the top of the heap but there are many happy KA owners - and KA still gives you the option of heated dry which many of us like - I'm not familiar with the issue you're concerned about.

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Its really only the cheap acenta series or whatever that suck. I would buy a KA over those. But series 500 and up even if made in usa are good units varified by many consumer publications and appliance dealers and repair. German made are closing in on miele territory, but not quite there.

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I wouldn't sweat it. Your washing machine takes that kind of hookup. Besides, you are not forced into using that kind of hose. You can slap an adapter on the dishwasher and then install any sort of supply hose you prefer.

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One can also buy an in-line automatic shut-off valve with leak sensor and controller to detect failures and block the water supply. This should protect wood floors and cabinets.


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kaseki - those are gimmicks, and have their own problems.

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It's the same size as on your washer...and even those Germans use those "garden hose" connections here. The fitting works fine.

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huh. Is a 3/8" NPT compression fitting a "garden hose"?

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I keep hearing 'Bosch is going down on the ones they make in the USA.' Maybe. Maybe not.

The low and to the upper-middle are US made. And guess what? They are also exported to Europe where they are sold in the European markets such as in the Netherlands. Presumably they are 220v for the Euro market.

I have an upper-middle range one that works really well. I can't say whether it is as good as Miele but I CAN say that it cost me half of what Miele would have cost. Miele makes awesome appliances (I have an oven) but also at awesome prices.

A low end dishwasher, such as a low end Bosch bought from Lowes, will be...low end. But my somewhat better model (also bought from Lowes on a special order), is more than that.

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Conate: your bosch dw is probably a really nice dw and will likely clean as well as the miele and possibly even engineered almost as well at half the cost of the miele, however it is likely that it will also only last half as long. Not knocking your bosch, I would say they are the next best thing to miele, and I currently own a bosch myself and consider it to be one of, if not the best bang for the buck appliance I own. Bosch being a HUGE company, they expect huge sales and profits. Miele has not grown to that size where they loose sight of their original vision. They also do not have public shareholder whom are ONLY interested in making profits on their shares.

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Here is a video of a European built Bosch that shows the quality level of the washer. Good view of the guts of a modern dishwasher and why they go wrong. Whirlpool/KA probably are not much different.

Warning, the dissatisfied owner uses lots of saucy language so don't click if you are easily offended.

Bosch Dishwasher In Flames

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bernise6, do you happen to know if this model pictured is one of the recalled units from 1999-2005? I just ordered a Bosch and of course this video is terrifying!

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I ended up purchasing a Kitchenaid KUDS35FXSS. 3 different appliance stores told me it was their top selling model and it's the one my Wife liked the best. Got a decent deal and a 5 year warranty for an extra $129.00. It's being installed on Wednesday. This will replace an 11 year old Whirlpool that while it cleans well, sounds like an airplane when running. Thank goodness for the delay! Thanks everyone for your responses.

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How is your KUDS35FXSS working out booger3914??

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I thought I would end up with a Miele, Bosch or Asko but FINALLY had a KitchenAid KUDE60HXSS installed two month ago and I wasn't sure about the garden hose fitting either. I was going to get the leak protect hose, but like another poster commented, they have their share of bigger issues. I did put down a floor saver pan so if it does lead at least it will bring the lead to the front of the dishwasher. Who knows if is effective or not. I hope to never find out. The KitchenAid fit my dishes the best and it cleans really well and dries well (with the help of JetDry Turbo).

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Followup on the KA units?
and how does one install that floor saver pan?
We are going to buy our daughter and SIL new dishwasher for Christmas and would prefer to spend under 1K----hopefully around 500...they are not into buying top of the line/name brand---just want a functioning DW that will dry plastics well and not need dishes to be well-washed before going in
also use lot of bowls -- they love cereal and soup...

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