Kitchenaid Architect Built-in fridge not making ice

cottonpennyDecember 20, 2012

We've been moved in for over 2 months but we don't usually use that much ice.
So we just discovered recently that the ice maker isn't working. It worked for a few cycles then petered out. It doesn't seem to be getting any water. I can hear it running to dump cubes but no water = no ice.

Our builder was over today and said that the valve was not in the correct position, so turned the water on. But still no ice. I guess at this point there is air in the line. The manual is unhelpful. He suggested to call the appliance dealer which I will do tomorrow. But I work tomorrow and then it's Christmas so I was hoping to have ice for when my parents come to visit (they use a lot of ice).

I can go out and buy a bag of ice so it's not going to ruin my holiday - but any ideas on how to get this thing moving? Figured it was worth a hail mary post here.

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My Thermador did this......Called the repairman, and it was air in the line. Sorry, I was not home for the call, so I cannot give you any more details!


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Yeah, there is definitely air in the line cause my builder had the water turned off. Grr. Just wondering if there's any way simple way to DIY a repair?

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If you can unhook the line at the wall, you can bleed out the air. Might be good to do- I know in our older home that sometimes you get a little junk when you turn the water back on. You wouldn't want that in your filter or ice.

You might also want to make sure there isn't a problem with the icemaker. I know on our KA fridge that it wouldn't work if one of several switches had quit working (optical bin sensor in door, temperature switch in ice tray, e.g.). Or the solenoid valve on the inlet water.

I've used the Appliance Blog forum as a good resource for checking the icemaker itself for problems. They had a pretty good series of steps for diagnosing our KA/Whirlpool.

It may be too late to order parts, but I know we have one retailer in ATL that might carry what I needed. So you might be similarly lucky if you have someone handy to do the repair (if needed).

Good luck. I know we have had our oven go out while cooking on Christmas. Wasn't a lot of fun- fortunately used a neighbor's. My sister in law had a bad oven thermostat one year that pushed the Thanksgiving turkey out to close to midnight getting finished. Fortunately I wasn't there for that debacle.

A few bags of ice is easy peasy by comparison.

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