Food or liquid falling in Wolf AG range or any range door?

FamCookDecember 4, 2013

So I have been lurking and reading for months on this site and have been able to find answers to almost all of my questions except the following:

Has anyone ever had trouble with food or liquid slipping/ falling into the vents on the top of the door in a Wolf AG range or any range for that matter? I was looking at a floor model that I really like. It has the features that I'm after, but the vents on the top on the oven door when you open it are very exposed to dripping butter. Let me explain . . .

I would never have given this a thought until cooking with my in-laws this summer at their vacation home. I was closing the oven door when my father in law reached over to spoon some butter and somehow the butter dripped into the vent of their oven door to the bottom. It looks terrible. Everyone tries to wipe it, but it's in between the glass. After that I always notice where the vents are placed on ovens. Maybe it's not an issue and was just a crazy fluke, but since my oven doesn't have those vents currently, I was curious to see if others had this problem.

**editing to add that my range door does have vents, they are on the outside undr the handle. Many others I have seen are inside the range door, but more out of the way than the Wolf AG.**


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I know what you mean by daughters oven door is the same way. I heard that by law they have to make all oven doors with the open vents. I can not remember why. I am sure someone here knows. The only way to clean it out is to take the door apart. Which can be a big job and I would be afraid that I could not get it back together. Although if it was really bad I would call someone to do it as I could not stand it.

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This post made me laugh ... I thought I was the only one who noticed where the vents were placed in a range! I agree that their placement can really be an issue with some ranges and that was something that I took into consideration when I was choosing which to buy.

FamCook, is the floor model you are looking at the old-style AG with the top that comes apart? If it is, there is a removable drip tray that is positioned directly above the oven door. The outer edge of the drip tray forms a downward curve that covers over the door vents completely. If you were to spill some hot liquid while standing at the stove, the curved edge of the drip tray makes an excellent splash guard. I feel very confident that no spills would make it into my oven door vents while the door was closed. Some of the other ranges I looked at did not have any sort of protection over the vents .. some had such huge vents in the door that I couldn't see how things WOULDN'T fall into them!

Of course, you'd have to be careful to avoid situations like you describe above where liquid fell in while the door was OPEN, but I think that since it has happened to you once, you are now aware of the possibility and it's unlikely that it will happen again.

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Thanks for the responses!

Jellytoast: it is a newer wolf model with sealed burners, so it doesn't have the drip pan. The vents are very large on the door though. It makes me nervous.

I wonder if the American range performer has vents on the top of the door? Or the bluestar? I'm leaning towards one of those now, but no one anywhere nearby carries the American Range and Bluestar is only carried by one store and I'm not sure if they even have a floor model to look at. The open burners really have me.


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