Prime Rib cooking time?

compumomJanuary 21, 2010

AnnT or...

I have a defrosted 2.5lb boneless prime rib and have seasoned it with plans to cook tonight. I know that you do yours on the grill, but our weather is pretty stormy, so that's dicey. We like it rare to med rare, but it has quite a bit of fat on it that I'd like to cook off or sear. What method do you suggest and how long should I plan to cook it for? I'll use a thermometer, but need to plan what time to begin. Should I use the high heat method???

Sorry to be such a novice, but this isn't a normal thing for me to prepare. Thank you!

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We did our roast this way for Christmas, and it was spectacular. Really wonderful. Try it, and you'll be sold.

Here is a link that might be useful: perfect prime rib

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Helene, I don't have the time after work to get it done that way. It sounds like a good plan, but I need a faster method for today.

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Do it the night before !!! Place it in a tight container.


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Lou, I need to cook it TODAY!
I've left the oven preset to 400 so that at least I'll have a hot oven when I come in. Then if i need to crank it up for a high heat method, I'll be in the ballpark.

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I'd leave the fat. Cook it fat side up to help flavor the meat. Trim the fat on your plate.
Do you have a meat thermometer? If so, pull it out at 120-125 (I like mine rare and pull it out at 122). You can always cook a little more, but you can't "uncook" it! LOL

I just make a rub with freshly ground pepper, kosher salt, garlic, rosemary. Rub all over and roast that baby!
If you have time, put the rub on a couple of hours (or a day) earlier, but for tonight, just do it as soon as you can.

Really, it's hard to ruin Prime Rib unless you overcook it.
It's still very tender and flavorful at Medium (and that's from a "herd it across the grill" girl)!

All these years........if I had only known how easy it is....I could have saved a fortune on ordering it 'out'.

Here's the whole one I did at Christmas from the beef we raised and then butchered young (9 ribs). Our butcher went ahead and cut from the bone, then tied back together for us.

That pan is a little larger than 9 x 13 BTW... YUM! Well, AFTER I cooked it (a little...hee hee)

Don't forget the pictures!!


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Hope this is not to late for dinner tonight Ellen. YUM, one of my favorite meals for sure.

I agree with Deanna leave the fat on.

I pretty sure Ann does small ones using the high heat method. I've linked to a post that JimTX posted the recipe for high heat from Ann. Looks like it should take about and hour plus a few minutes according to the directions. Jusr keep an eye on your thermometer. I take my mine out right at 120 and let it rest.


Here is a link that might be useful: High Heat Prime Rib

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Thank you Deanna & David!! I just got off the phone with Ann and she gave me the info. I've rubbed and set it to "dry" in the fridge during the day, now just have to cook. Ann mentioned using the smallest pan possible. I'm off soon to give it a try. Photos? Well maybe, but a report definitely!
Thank you so much!

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Ellen, your timing was perfect. You caught me just as I was closing up the store.

I don't quite understand Lou's advice, but it looks like Deanna and David gave you the same advice that I gave you. High heat is the only way to go as far as I'm concerned. Whether in the oven or on the grill. Perfect every time.

Hope you have time to take a picture.


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AnnT to the rescue! It was PERFECT! (Although the roast had too much fat.I think I need to come to Duncan to do my shopping!;-) Loved the high heat, it would have been too greasy w/o it! It came out perfectly rare on the inside-- DH, DM and I relished the treat!

The roast cooked surprisingly fast and while it was resting I roasted some asparagus and crashed potatoes. We enjoyed the meat with some horseradish and all was good!

Thank you to Ann and the CF'ers for helping me out!

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3 Questions -

1. Did your smoke alarm go off with the high heat roasting?

2. What are Crashed Potatoes?

3. Did any stray animals wander into your kitchen?

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I came looking for a report--you done good Ellen.

Shaun, that's why I love you--you know the questions to ask!

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Way to go Ellen. I told you it was easy.


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Ellen, I was sure it would be perfect. I'd also have left the fat on, it keeps the meat moister and I just cut it off on the plate.

That amount of beef cooks so quickly that I don't see any advantage to cooking it in advance, just take it from the oven, let it rest and enjoy it.

Shaun, do the Bumpuses live next door to you, like in the Christmas Story? You know, the dogs that ate the turkey? LOL.


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Nope, no smoke alarms, I used the LeCreuset grilling skillet and a temp of 500degrees. It splattered for sure, but no big mess.

Crashed potatoes are from Pioneer Woman's blog. DH loves them. Here's my rendition:
I use a nice fist-sized red potato, nuke it for about 4 minutes, then let it cool for a few minutes. Afterwards take a fork and smash one side of it down with a fork (only on one side, not as much as her photo). Then I drizzle garlic EVOO, sprinkle salt, pepper and rosemary. Rebake for about 10 minutes at a high heat. It makes a soft, potato with flavor and a bit of crunch!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pioneer Woman's crash potatoes

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Oh and no stray animals, it was a horrible stormy night, not fit for man or beast! LOL

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Sounds like dinner was a success Ellen. Thanks for posting a link to those potatoes. I'll be trying those soon!

I hope you and the rest of the gang are surviving all the storms, flooding, and mud slides.


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