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patty_2006December 12, 2012

Our local Ferguson's dealer (SWFL) has just informed me Miele is not allowing stores to sell their appliances. As we are beginning to purchase appliances for our new construction, I wanted to compare Miele dishwashers. I am confused as to what model to purchase. Also he told me they are no longer making their large capacity washing machine. Has anyone else ran in to this?

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I'm also in SWFL and yes Ferguson's is no longer going to be a Miele distributer. That said, you can go on the Miele website and compare the models and Florida Building Suppy in Bonita has Miele on the showroom floor for you to look at in person.

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Thank you. I will visit this week.
I was left under the impression no store would be carrying Miele.

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Ferguson has decided to stop carrying Miele because they don't care for Miele's new distrubtion system and they are allegedly getting a big price break on Bosch. Other Miele dealers are completely unaffected.

Miele is no longer making what they call their super large capacity residential washing machines. What we Americans call standard size.They are still making the Euro size models plus the Little Giants,their smaller commercial units. They are absolutely fantastic,can be used in private homes but are $$$$. A few threads on the Laundry Forum on this topic.

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Well, last I checked it was at Florida Builder's Supply BUT you should probably call and check just in case! I met someone in Ferguson's who said no one is going to carry Miele but I just don't think that's true.

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What deeageux says: no more uber Miele washer and dryer. I just took delivery of the Euro W3033. It is an awesome machine, despite a few dumbed down options. I have never had a capacity issue with the Euro machines because I heavily sort my load and wash by fabric type, color et and there are only two of us. Good luck!

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On the east cost of FL, there is Florida Builders Supply in Pompano Beach/Ft Lauderdale, and House of Appliances in Boca/Delray Beach. Just in case you can't find anyone in S.W. FL.

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