Monster ad here-Ivillage video candy comercial

surfergalOctober 19, 2007

how do you get rid of it? it keeps popping up every few minutes. I see no x to click it off. If I scroll it follws down the page. If this keeps up, not only will I stop visiting here, I will stop buying any products fromthat company, how freaken annoying..

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Do you have a good popup stopper? I use the Google Toolbar - it has a great popup stopper - I never see one here, ever.

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It is not a popup - I use a yahoo toolbar with popup blocker. it also works very well. this ad has a "skip" button way off to the upper right, but it does not work half the time to close it

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The ads keep this site FREE, so just do your best to ignore them. I see some of those too, and if you just leave them alone, they move on across the page. Luvs

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I don't get ads if I'm registered . Sometimes IVillage screws up and I have to enter my info all over again. That's when I see the ads . It is annoying .

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