Need Creative ways to wrap Gift certificates

toomuchglassOctober 18, 2004

Every Christmas I end up giving out a few Gift certificates - but I HATE just handing a plain old envelope to the person.

Do you have any creative ways to "wrap" one ?

** My one & only creative wrap job was a plastic soda bottle with the certificate & irridized easter grass in it. **

I'm just not creative when it comes to wrapping !

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I've seen a pop-up card with a hand inside into which you can put money (or a folded up gift certificate). Of course you could make the hand with a man's dress suit sleeve and shirt cuff showing, or a lady's wrist with jeweled bracelet, etc. When you open the card, the hand swivels up (or out, can't remember which) with the 'gift' in it.

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Check out this website for templates for all kinds of boxes, bags and cards. You could rubber stamp them, decorate them with stickers, or copy them on colored cardstock and use raffia or jute to tie them closed.

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I just picked up the new copy of Stamp It (at Walmart), Winter 2004 edition. On page 66, is a sample of gift cert. holder. You could also use sturdy envelopes, or make your own. I bought something off QVC, that has plastic templates and how to make homemade envelopes. Haven't made any yet, but seems simple
Hope this helps

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I have used Mylar balloons from the dollar store. Just cut the opening larger to accomodate the gift card, fill with air and seal up with a small rubberband. I have also recycled Mylar balloons for this purpose. Attach a ribbon and Voila' - it's different.

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I'll tell you the Creative ways I got gift certs --- maybe this can get your creative juices flowing to think of more ways!

(1)Certificate Inside a jar of pennies that was glued so tightly shut that I couldn't get it open !!

(2) I got money once ... it was $10 worth of quarters rolled up in a strip of masking tape ....

(3) A gift certificate really well sealed in saran wrap -- inside a jar of jelly ..

(4) A gift certificate inside the biggest wrapped box inside of the Big Box--a Smaller box--and an ever smaller box -- then the tiniest box .. there was the certificate inside !

(5) A Really UGLY knick-knack -- taped to the bottom ...

I hope you have some more suggestions -- or is my family just weird. THINK !!! :) :0

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^Roll up the gift certificate and slide it inside a balloon. Inflate the balloon and tie off (certificate will be visible inside balloon), along with a few other balloons. Use the balloon bouquet to decorate a wrapped box. Inside the box is just a (straight sewing) pin to use to pop the balloon to get the gift certificate.

^Carefully open the bottom of a box of Cracker Jacks. Put gift certificate inside plastic bag and place inside with crackerjacks. Reseal bottom. Gift wrap the box. (I gave my daughter a pearl and diamond ring on her 17th birthday this way. It was a hit!)

^Slip gift certificate into plastic sandwich bag. Carefully open box of cereal that usually has a surprise or toy. Reseal bottom. Gift wrap the cereal.

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the japanese have about a hundred fancy ways to wrap presents- most of which verge on the origami techniques of folding and refolding papers...

was the first site that came to hand, but I'm sure there are others... in this case, it can be all about the paper.

my favorite trick is to use the gift card as a book mark- a Home Despot card in a home repair book, an Icky Vicky's card in a bodice-ripper, one for a restaurant in a cook book...

sometimes, they're so thrilled with the book that I get a phone call several days later to the effect of 'I didn't even notice the card until today- it was like getting two birthdays!'

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This isn't as great as the others mentioned but every year I recycle the Christmas cards I've received. I buy the craft bags at Dollar tree, ETC and hot glue the the card front to the bag then I attach a really nice handmade bow that could be put on a wreath etc. I've used small cards on small bags with gift certificates and I usually included a new christmas ornament too. For the hubby's b'day a cousin gave him a popcorn bowl with popcorn, candy and a gift certificate for movie rentals.
Susan in Bama

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I received this in the e-mail today and thought of you..

If you like it e-mail me through my page and I will send the pattern can't get it to go through here .

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When my son has a birthday party to go to and we're not sure to get, we'll either stick a gift card or money in a money puzzle or magic coin trick box available from most game and magix shops. The kids have a great time with it at the party and it can be used again and again. This would also be fun for adults.

Here are some examples:

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Using those new fangled can openers that don't leave sharp edges, remove a can top - any can - soup - etc - just make sure it can be opened at both ends and isn't one of those ones that is curved on the bottom. Clean the can and dry it. Place the gift card or gift certificate (rolled up) inside the can, fill with candy or other small items. Use E6000 glue to glue the can lid back on, turning it upside down and weighting it with something overnight. Then use gift wrap to make a new label for the can, put a nice bow on the top and watch them try to figure out how to open it. It takes a can opener. I always put the top that is glued back on as the bottom of the can - decorate it so that is at the bottom.

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OMG glad you asked that question! I dont have any ideas now but sure have enjoyed reading all of yours and will use a few I am sure.
Thanks for shareing

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Last year my Mom ordered the snowmen and santa's from LTD (cause she had no time to make stuff) they are little pouches that hand on the tree - they look pretty easy - you con go the the LTD or lakeside site

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What about a little cloth bag / with a string/ribbon draw string.... that way the little bag is a gift too... can be all the same fabric. or can be several different ones!
Just a thought..
Hey also I just moved from Milwaukee/Lake Michigan over here to Rockford, IL....
say.... you are a very talented gal!!!
Nice to meet ya!
I'm a displaced Texan up here in the frozen klonlic... or what ever ya call it!!! burr baby its cold outside!!!
Thanks for sharing!
God Bless ya'll

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