KitchenAid 48" Range - KDRU783VSS Feedback

jk96December 31, 2012

Anyone have in feedback good or bad on this range when researching?

We are in the market for a 48" range and want duel fuel. I have the chance to purchase this particular range at a bargain price of $5669 delivered. This is new in box, not an open box, refurb, etc however when searching all of the forums no one seems to consider kitchen aid. On paper it looks as good or better than most other high end ranges and its at a price that's hard to walk away from. Any thoughts on this range good or bad? Thanks.


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I seriously considered that model in the beginning stages of my house reno when I thought I would put in a 48" range instead of a rangetop and two full-size ovens. Like you, I was intrigued by the much lower price tag than many other brands. My local dealer brought in a unit for me to see, but it wasn't hooked up. I was very unimpressed with the fit and finish. The knobs and trim were very loose and wobbly as were the burner grates. The whole unit seeme a little cheap and flimsy. The enticement of the price wasn't enough for me to overcome my perceived lack of quality. I have no idea how it cooks though.

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Thanks for the reply. Hopefully some others will join in. I've looked at the range personally and nothing scares me off. More concerned with reliability. Range has two 20K Btu burners, steam, dual fuel, low simmer, etc. I would have to spend another 3K+ in order to get the same features in a viking, dcs, etc. Not really concerned about blue or red knobs or the status that comes along with wolf, viking, etc. I'm more concerned about reliability. Anyone else?

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Bumping this post to see if anyone else has any opinions/experience on this range that may have missed this thread. After doing some more research it looks like the range has the following

2 - 20,000 high to 1700 low btu burners
3 - 15,000 high to 1700 low btu burners
1 - 5,000 high to 500 low btu burner
Oven is convection with built in steam (dedicated water line)
Chrome electric griddle (don't know if this is good or bad?) My price for this range is under $6K after rebates.

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I have this stove and love it! The griddle is fantastic. Cleans up very easily. I occasionally use half a lemon after very messy jobs, and that does it.

The ovens are true to temp and work well. Bread is fantastic with steam, great crust. I have not tried steam for meats but will for next turkey.

20k burners work well and I use them frequently for boiling large pots. Simmer goes very low.

I do not use self cleaning. Never have on my past stoves as Either. I think 90% of any ranges issues come up after self cleaning.

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We are considering this range as well. There is very limited info when researching reviews on this model.
I'm curious as to if you bought it and for others reviews as well!

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I had this range until Nov 2013-see review below. I plan to post and see if anyone else has experienced what I did.

My 2 1/2 year old dual fuel convection range with steam assist (48 in) caught fire and was non-repairable. I was baking in the smaller oven when I heard a pop. Black smoke started pouring from the front of both ovens. Upon opening the smaller oven door, I saw flames up around the broil elements (I was NOT broiling at the time). My husband commented that it smelled like an electrical fire. We proceeded to cut off the power to the range. Smoke still poured out. We then heard the sound of gas burning off inside the oven (I was NOT using our gas stove top at the time). The stainless steel outside top and sides of the oven were burning hot to the touch. The control knobs were so hot they had become gummy/tacky to the touch. With no end in sight to the black smoke pouring out and the extreme heat OUTSIDE of the oven, we called the fire department. They cut the gas off to the house. The firemanâÂÂs hand-held temperature reading gun (Bullard Thermal Camera) measured over 250 degrees atop the range and along the back wall behind the range. Firemen said had we not been home, the back wall would have caught fire and this would have become a rescue call.
Kitchenaid sent a repair person to look at the oven. Deemed not safe enough to repair, the spark ignitor box inside was melted, wires crystallized, touch screen displays melted, wall plug charred and melted. After many lengthy calls and emailed pictures, we were given 2 options: get a replacement unit only by paying a âÂÂparticipation feeâ of $2500 or get a prorated refunded due to age of unit (2 1/2 years old).
We opted for the partial refund, as this unit is a FIRE HAZARD. To get a different brand, we still were out several thousand dollars, since we were not offered a full refund on a faultily designed range. Funny, because 8 WEEKS later when I finally had a different brand installed, the installer noticed my old unit had steam assist. He said he had replaced 3-4 other Kitchenaid models that had burned up-all with steam assist. No one at Kitchenaid could tell me anything. There has been no recall. BEWARE: this unit is poorly designed and is a fire hazard!

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