new years resolutions-do you make them?

ms-thriftyJanuary 5, 2014

I have never actually made a list of resolutions, but almost always start out with the usual, lose weight, LOL, etc. but this year I am working on a couple of things that I am really determined to do, and not do. Mostly the things are in the "not " do category. Number one am going to cut my sweets intake, and am really restricting myself to not purchase so many shoes-just because they are cute, on sale, and my size -I do not need to buy them! If I just stick to these two things I will be happy with myself!

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I never make formal ones, but there are a few things I'd like to accomplish.
* To lose the 10 pounds I've put on since starting menopause.
* To start taking yoga classes at our friends' new studio.
* To stop buying art. It may sound silly, but it is one of my true passions, not to mention, pretty easy here in New Mexico, which is home to thousands of great artists. But, it's gotten to the point where we have no more room to hang things.
* To find a charity or cause to donate my time to. For many years, it has been my kids' schools, and I was a major volunteer. So much so, that I took the past 18 months off as a breather of sorts. But, with our youngest now a college sophomore out of state, I need to find something else I feel passionate about.
Anyhoo, those are my kind-of-New Years-resolutions.

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I do usually make some--and I have managed to keep many of them, but not the kind of the "lose weight" variety.

This year my goal is to do better at giving to others. So often a friend will give me a word of encouragement, a compliment, write me a letter or give a little gift that lets me know she was thinking of me, and I'm always so touched. I'd like to be the giver more often.

And, eternally, THIS YEAR I AM GOING TO STAY ON TOP OF MY GARDEN! I am going to pull weeds in a timely manner, and water before things fry to a crisp, and in general make it prettier and prettier.

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On another website I visit we were asked to list our intentions. So, in keeping with the seven dimensions of wellness, these are the things I am working on:

Social - reconnect with people by making a phone call or sending a letter each day. I'm an extreme introvert so while for some this might sound simple, for me it will be a challenge as I could easily spend a week or more alone and be perfectly content.

Emotional - relax more, fear less, and remember that life is short and happiness is a decision.

Spiritual - read from the Bible before I turn on the TV for the day - whether a verse or a chapter, commit to reading.

Environmental - monitor my footprint and recycle as available. We have limited recycling facilities in our rural area so this may be more of an awareness process this year.

Occupational - create templates for training or guidelines on administrative chores so that eventually someone can take over my job responsibilities so I can someday phase out. Also, hire someone to do the incidental chores that I no longer have the time or desire to do

Intellectual - 1) take at least one professional type class in Excel or Quickbooks or other subject to stimulate the thought process. 2) Read at least a book a month. I'm a slow reader who struggles to focus, so this will definitely be a challenge. I generally buy the books but never get them read.

Physical - commit to continuing my 5K run at least 4 times per week and doing weightlifting or other physical activity on the other days.

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I have not heard of the seven dimensions of wellness. I am going to use your example to think about my intentions for the new year. DD gave me a journal for Christmas, perhaps if I make an effort, I could really use it for this.

Thank you!

Beth P.

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I like the wellness dimensions. I don't usually make resolutions, but try to create new habits instead.

I do want to get back to that :old fashioned' method of communicating with letters or cards rather than just do everything electronically. I bought 2 packs of stamps the other day and am hoping to get my greeting card stock refilled so I can send cards out-ON TIME! This will also accomplish a dual task, I'll have to walk to the mail box, so I'll have to leave my desk at breatk time (actually TAKE breaks!) since we don't have personal mail pick up at my office and I don't leave mail out in our mail box.

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No. Never have, never will. That doesn't mean I don't make changes in my life - I make changes as required - not based on a calendar or Holiday. I think it's dumb and cattle driven.

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Not "I resolve to" but I want to learn to crochet.

I want to visit my (shut-in) MIL more.

I want to make a perfect homemade pie crust.

I want to walk more.

I want to peace out, without medication!

(One of my stressed-out friends told me that her resolution is to get a prescription for medical marijuana. I Think she was joking.)

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