Halloween costume for my boobs

trashywomanOctober 2, 2013

Yes I know it's pretty weird but after undergoing breast cancer treatment my first follow up mammogram was scheduled on Halloween in 2011 so to make it a fun thing instead of scarey, I put a couple of those window clingy things on each of my boobs before unrobing for the mammogram. They were a pair of green monster hands with long red fingernails. The technician just died laughing and so it began... Last year I threaded a ribbon through 2 paper mache skull masks and tied them on like those coconut bras. Again it was a hit and she recalled last yrs tech talking about me. Sooooo, I am drawing a blank for this year. Walked around Michaels but couldn't find anything that would work because you can't glue or paint or write on the girls because of affecting the image so do you crafty, creative minds have any ideas? I can put it on in the changing room under the robe. Please help!

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What a fun thing to do. It's so good to laugh in the face of disaster.

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Well, I'm thinking a pair of surgical gloves with something like "they're mine, you can't have them" Hope all goes well & glad you have a sense of humor! Jan

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Thanks, Ladies, for your replies and well wishes! I like the surgical gloves idea and may use it but I'm gonna try making a "BOO out of poster board and hide the B under my arm and put the cut out O's on each boob then " unfold" the B when I unrobe! Just gotta play with it at home and see if it's workable.

Being excited about surprising the nurse make going much easier! It's the waiting afterwards that's painful!

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I also thought of a pair of gloves....or two hands. Good Luck.

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Maybe for next year, you can work some bees into it and have "boo bees". :)

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Oh the "Bees"!!! Too funny! Thanks Adella! I will now have to go find some little bees to put under the left armpit! I'll be walking down the hall like a soldier! I'll post pix, rated G when I finish it!

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love this thread

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