'antiquing' and darkening verdigris painted metal

linnea56October 5, 2008

I bought some plant stands on sale that are metal that has been painted a bright verdigris green color. I need to make these darker to go better with the dark wood furniture in that room as well as the plant stands I already have that are dark metal with bronze painted accents. The verdigris color would go if it was just much darker and had some black/brown in it. Without repainting them completely, what can I do? I thought of doing the following, tell me if this sounds like it would work or if there is something better I can try.

I would use black acrylic craft paint (maybe mixed partly with a warm dark brown so the contrast would not be too harsh) and blend it with a gel medium to make it partly transparent and to slow drying time. I would brush it on to cover a section at a time and then wipe it off with a rag on the high points. The lowest lying points would then look "antiqued" but the highest rubbed points would still be green. There is a lot of metal textural detail that would hold the darker color. The whole effect would still be verdigris but darker.

Any other or better ideas? Thanks!

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It sounds like a good plan to me. I'm planning a project along the same lines....a whole collection of metal picture frames I've been saving. They're gold and silver, and I want to put a black antique wash over them to tone them down, and go more with all the black wrought iron I have. Naturally I didn't think of doing this til after I put photos in the frames...lol :)

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IÂm wondering if thereÂs some kind of one-step process I could use. I have 4 plant stands and thatÂs a lot of ground to cover if I have to blend 2 colors plus the gel medium.

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I'm not sure you would need the gel medium. Just brush the paint on and wipe off right away doing it in sections. If it dries to quickly, just brush over it again to wet it. Hope you will share a before and after pic with us. Luvs

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