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sorie6October 21, 2008

oddie would you share you directions for your bed spring angel? She is sooo beautiful. Thank you.

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Thank you! and I will try, head is a styrfoam ball with lots of coats of gesso, halo is that silver wire with stars hooked to it, cut the stars off and shaped a circle with some wire hanging down to stick in ball, covered the wire with a stick on snowflake, spring is spray painted silver with some white dimensional paint put on here and there to look like snow, before I glue the head to the spring I use some sort of ribbon folded in half and glue over the top of the spring so half is out and looks like a collar of some sort, also gives the head a little something extra to glue too,I use e600 and hot glue to put the head on and attach it to the collar pushing down on the head and spring as hard as I can, till the hot glue grabs ahold, wings are two bows wired together in the middle, with the longer ribbons that hangs wired also,I just played around with the bows till it looked nice to me then glued it to the top of the spring at the back of the head on the collar, glued a peice of costume jewerly to the bow, was a pin I think, tied on a silver heart charm on the spring in front for some added bling, oh nose was made from salt dough, eyes are dimensional paint, I use blush for rosey cheeks put on with a qtip, I use a fine black marker for mouth and eyebrows, when completey done I use the white dimensional paint on the nose and around where the collar and head meet to cover up any glue, look like they have been out in the snow for awhile LOL! oh gosh hope I have helped you, please post photos for us!

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Thank you so much. I've made a snowman and forgot to post it. Your angel is just beautiful. Thanks again.

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you are welcome! forgot to tell you that the frist snow angel I made, I did useing a old white lace curtin, mostly done the same, used that moss stuff and formed a halo ( cant think what its called ) also I used a glue cap for the nose ( before I started makeing them from salt dough ) just added the dimensional paint to the end to cover hole and added some down the nose like the snow had built up.
please post your photos when you can always love seeing what other crafters come up with!

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