Gift Certificate Poem

isellgourmetcandlesOctober 30, 2007

Hello everyone...

I'm new here, kinda stumbled across this site. I need some help. I sell all-natural gourmet candles and I need a poem to "entice" customers to buy gift certificates. This poem isn't to be included with the GC, but to be displayed on a sign showing that GCs are available for purchase. They are available in any denomination.

Please help me!!


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There is a site for poems/sayings on different items. I apologize but can not think of what it is at this very moment. Try typing "gift certificate poems" in your web browser line and see if something comes up that you can use.

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I already tried that. Thanks anyway.

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Kendal, this is really rough, I only had a few minutes before getting back to making dinner, but here goes. Maybe someone else can clean it up for you:

Don't let your pocket take another hit,
Buying unwanted candles or oven mitts
Give your loved ones our gift certificates,
They'll get what they want and it always fits!

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Okay, I just read through your post again and see that you sell candles. OOPS!! Change that line to:

Buying unwanted perfume or oven mitts.

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