Best glue for adhesive foam strips?

marti8aOctober 25, 2009

I have two things that were held on with self-stick adhesive foam strips. Both to wood objects, and both have lost their stickiness. What can I reattached them with that won't melt the foam strip?

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You didn't say the weight or what they were attached to so it's hard to say if this will work but, maybe double faced tape

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One of them was attached to one of those stick on plastic lights and to the bottom of the cabinet. I've got Elmer's on it now but I haven't tried to twist it to change out the batteries. That will be the test.

The other one was a command strip stuck to a picture frame. I used Elmer's on it too and it will probably hold fine because once it's in place, it won't be touched again.

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