What are you working on? 10/15

sweets98October 15, 2007

What are you guys up to this week? :)

I have some photos to post this time!

I have been working on these fabric leaves for about almost two weeks now. I got leaves from the yard, traced them and cut them out of muslin. I did this batch all doubled with wax paper in the center so they crinkle. I painted the muslin using all the normal fall leave colors watered down. I really like them but they take longer than I thought they would to make! I have another batch of maple and oak leaves that I just need to sew the lines on. I'm not doing those doubled, though.

Then I made this over the weekend. I worked on it some on Saturday night and some yesterday afternoon. I LOVE stitching! This is my own pattern...I just drew out what I wanted and kept adding to it. They are really simple!

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Beautiful! love those leaves! and they crinkle to, so cute! sounds like alot of work thoe, Beautiful job on your stitching, and you drew your own pattern, just beautiful! you are a very talented crafter thats for sure!
I have been makeing painted light bulbs, waited forever for the round fat ones to burn out, funny how bulbs seem to burn out fast any other time,did a few years ago when they frist came out, think I could do better now so wanted to try agine I will post when I get them done.
Happy Crafting

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Sweets, your leaves and pumpkins turned out great! Nice stitchery too.

I haven't managed to work on much this week--been babysitting little GD. Do have a couple Halloween items I'm painting on--maybe be done by next week.


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Leslie~ Your leaves turned out great and I love your stitchery!

Here are the pumpkins I made from parts of an old futon that DH disassembled for me. Just threw em in a basket with some leaves and berries. Need to add something to the tops when I get some time. ~Anj

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Hey, Anj, your pumpkins look like my picket pumpkins! (Go see the post with my older fall decorations!) I made many of them but gave them away (I just saw two that I gave my Gran today!). I planned to make more but DH got annoyed with the bucket being in the shed and pitched them :( My pumpkins were all happy. I love your "evil" looks..they are so cute, too!

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I see what you mean Leslie!! ha Just went to take a peek. I guess great minds think alike. ha I just couldn't let all that good wood go to the dump, had to figure out something to do with it. Have a stack of different pieces in my garage to use. I'd better get to thinkin. ha Some will be signs, but gotta figure out something with the others before my DH gets tired of them and ditches my stash. ha
I finally got some 4x4 pumpkins made with some pieces he'd been storing for me. I just kept them plain so I can use them thru Thanksgiving. If I get around to it today I'll snap a pic of those too just so ya'll know I've been doing something besides sitting in front of the computer. :) ~Anj

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Hey Leslie...someone over on Tole forum needs some help on painting screens. I told them everything I know (not much). Was hoping you'd maybe come check out the post and give them some advice since you've done a few more than I have. :) ~Anj

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I just love your post pumpkins! very clever idea you two had, sooo cute! is there anything safe from a crafter?
Heres my litebulb snowman, one of those fat round bulbs, sprayed with glue and rolled in fake snow, nose is saltdough, eyes and mouth dimensional paint, also fake snow on hat and nose, hat was made from a sheet of sandpaper.
I also made a snowwoman but over did the snow on her hat and she looks a mess! have to revamp her before she gets to be show on the fourm LOL!

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Oddie~ he looks adorable. I love the idea of sandpaper for the hat. I've saved 4 of those big outdoor flood lightbulbs. They look like they'd make good snowmen rockers to me since the bottoms are rounded and they rock back and forth. I need time....anybody got some to spare??? :) ~Anj

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Thanks anjabee! sorry I dont have any free time LOL, but had to show you another idea for the flood lite, you might have already seen her, would love to find one of those bulbs myself because I would like to give the angel a try, love your idea for the rocker snowman! sounds cute you must post photo when you get them done.

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Oddie, your little snowman is so cute. I am always amazed at your creativity--would never have thought to use sandpaper for the hat, but it worked wonderfully. The floodlight angel is great too. Boy, guess we just can't throw anything away anymore, if we do we will regret it when someone shows us great ideas like this! LOL

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Thanks luvs! I have to say my craft room is full of what most people would call junk or more so trash! I get most of my craft supplies at yard sales and fleamarkets, I rarely buy anything from the craft stores.
Happy Crafting

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