My new playground !!!!

toomuchglassOctober 24, 2007

DH and I went to 2 senior centers today to sign up. I'm just amazed at the things they offer . I want to sign up for pottery , areobics , drawing and painting and stained glass. I swear - this place is going to be my new playground.

I LOVE woodworking - they have a totally complete awesome workshop with all the toys - you can use it for 50 cents a day! There's pottery wheels ,kilns, weaving looms ,computers,sewing machines ... I just can't wait to get in there ~ !!!

***** Getting old Rocks**** heheh

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Sounds like you will be haveing fun! know where you will be spending time! how nice that you can go somewhere like that, sounds almost worth getting old LOL! cant call myself a senior yet but I am slideing quickly down that hill!
Happy Crafting

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Way to go! I am going to have to find some senior centers!

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Sounds like an absolutely wonderful Senior center. Where do you live? I don't think our centers around here have anything like that. All you hear about is bingo.

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I live in Milwaukee ... we have 3 near me . You might have to peek in and ask ....I never KNEW they had so many activities either ! -- Or -- look them up online .
My DH is a card player ... he figured there'd be penny games ...... NOT ! The older women were playing Sheepshead for quarters ! ( Big time gambling ~ LOL ! )

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You got me interested in finding out what ours has to offer.

they have piano lessons, painting, wood carving,and ceramics..

But unless you are a member the classes are about $40.00

There are three classes of membership Gold +, Gold and Silver. That run from $150 to nearly $400 a year.

Looks like I can't afford to be a senior and have fun.

Where do you live???


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Wow! You really have a good one. Ours has a workout room, and billards room. I've gone to the workout room a few times. I don't know about any classes--guess I need to check on that. Hope you take advantage of yours and have lots of fun. Luvs

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