Craft show price: 15% What do you think?

concretenprimrosesOctober 6, 2011


I just got some information about a craft show in a nearby wealthy college and retirement town. They say they have been doing the show for 20 years, but I have never attended. Turns out it is on a Friday, when I would have been working in the past so that explains why I never went.

The space is 8 ft wide by approx 6 ft deep. They have some 8 ft tables you can reserve first come. (Small space and designed to be endless lines of tables apparently.)

The price is 15% of your sales, with $25 down. At first it seems like a good deal since they share the risk. But that would be $30 on just $200 in sales $60 on $400 in sales etc. It seems a little steep to me. What do you all think?

I'm thinking maybe I'll attend this year to check it out(since I have a flexible schedule and only work part time right now), and consider it for next year.


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It sounds high to me also. I try not to go back to shows where I don't make 10 X my booth fee - which would be 10%.

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Most places out here used to be straight fee for each table. But most boutiques are gone as women had to get jobs to keep afloat. I would check it out, maybe bring my lunch & sit in car or plan on eating out after you watch how many bags of goodies are being bought,after you have gone in & checked it out. Might talk to couple of ladies that have completely different type items to see if they like this place & are happy with sales since you are thinking you might be interested in doing it, since you now have more time on your hands. Note if most of stuff is "company made" Like Aunt Sally's Jams (on back it would say manufactured in KS) so you would know that is not made by the woman no matter how cutey the lid looks. Some women sold stuff they got at 99 cent stores as it was or added a ribbon or something, that always bugs me also. Find out if they start on time & is everyone set up by time doors open! If it isn't at least 50% handmade items I don't go back.(Hope there is no Aunt Sally's jams, I made that up for example)I loved Aunt Sally cookies, those long puffy gingerbready cookies with marshmallow -look icing!I should make some, I have a good recipe for them! Jan

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You make good points, thanks Jan. Another problem with the show is it is 8 to 4! Way too long in my opinion. It would be a lot of hard work to then also pay 15%.

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I pay table rent of $30 plus 10% at a few places so a flat 15% doesn't sound that bad to me... Can you talk to a few vendors that have been there before? If this has a good draw of customers - if they advertize it in your area, I would do it. I had to reduce my inventory o accomodate a 6'x8' area and I thank her every time I see her - I took less inventory and made double the money and have never looked back. It forced me to look at my items and decide (truthfully) which ones made money and which ones just took up room... I carry a maximum of three different items and now have inventive ways to show my things off using lots of different ways bringing the cutomer closer to see what I have - I have had several shows totalling more than $1,000 and one over $1,500 this summer... With three items...

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That's very interesting Bonnie, about the $30 plus 10%. And congratulations on your great sales! Very impressive. I can't narrow my inventory though. Right now I sell only plate flowers and totems which not only take up space, they are a lot of work to haul and set up. And the replacement inventory also takes up a lot of room. If I did this show I would bring only plate flowers. I'm not sure how they will sell in November though, which is another issue.
I have one Christmas sale lined up. I want to start making mosaic garden floweers, but I need to test them in my garden over the winter, so perhaps I should concentrate on that, and look at next year for a big production and selling push.
(and check out all the fall sales for possibilities next year.)

I think you make a good point tho about not selling too many different items. I got a few dozen pine cones out of the woods yesterday cuz I have an idea to make little trees from them. But part of me says "but I'm the flower lady!" So maybe I'll make a few for my own amusement, or if they turn out really good, try to put a "flower lady" spin on them.

Thank to all for the input.


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Kathy - a few years ago, I started going to shows that harged more - I even paid $1200 for our state fair (that wasn't cool- neck coolers were my big item and it was the coldest fair of record :*) )I pay $125 for a one day show a lot of times but my sales are alays higher too. I realise that isn't a lot but it was a big step for me bak then... My items are sold for $8 and $9 so $1200 and $1500 means I bust my hiney at those those shows. I've seen your work and you might be forced to pay alot of the 15% part but would you be able to find a store front that would charge these prices and and that's even if you sell that much - these shows draw lots of people looking for items to buy - not so with the store fronts. If you sell $1000 worth of produts, - you would pay $150 minus the $25.

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As I've looked around for other possibilities, this show is looking better. For one thing, it is only about 5 miles from home and my dh or a friend could easily come and let me run to the b-room or grab a bite to eat.
I'm thinking of writing back and describing my flowers and how I llike to display them (on a trellis not only a table) and ask if they could let me have a corner so that people could walk in to look without knocking things down. But first, later today, I'm going to tape 6 x 8 ft out on my lawn and see how things fit.
I just can't seem to stop making the darn things so I need to move them out before my poor dh gets upset!

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There is a church in a nearby town that is having a bazaar and they are charging a flat fee of $45.00 for a 6x6 spot or $75.00 for a 6 x 12. a table is $10.00. so for the small size that is $55.00 and for the large one that is $95.00.

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