Kitchen Aid 30" freestanding convential oven won't go over 350*

TurbogusDecember 16, 2012

Model Number: KERI201PWH
Brand: KitchenAid
Age: 6-10 years

Greetings from Oregon~the shower me state,

Got this Kitchen Aid KERI201PWH (Serial no. RR1710293) at Hab for Hum to replace an old Tappan oven with a similar issue. The oven will only reach 350* which is maddening to my wife as half of the meals she want to cook are needing 400*-450*
Where should I start with this Oven? I'm no expert on oven repair but have two rollaways full of tools including electrical.

Thanks and a lift of the lynch lid for your response.


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There should be an engineering revision number 1, 2, 3, or 4 after the H, which can be significant for some correct replacement parts.

Possibly a bad oven temp sensor (thermistor).

Possibly a bad control board.

Possibly (but less likely) a bad bake or broil element. The bake element should provide majority of the heat during bake operations, but the broil element may cycle on/off a little to help maintain an even temperature.

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When you turn it on, check to see that the bottom element glows cherry red.

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If you have used the self cleaning system recently, most likely that burned out the control panel.

If that is the case, cost to replace the control panel will be approximately $300-$500 for the part plus installation cost.

This happened to my wall oven recently.

Whether to repair or buy a new stove will depend on how old the stove is and cost of a new stove versus expense to repair.

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Sorry it'd been so long for a response from me. Got busy with work and my Jeep project.
Since this critter came from Hab for Humanity no telling how it was used/abused but the curious thing is this replaced a Tappan range with the very same problem. So there I was reading an issue of Family Handyman and there's this article about using breaker groups to make a 240v circuit. This clicked with me in that a little over a year ago when we were negotiating the purchase of this house the realtor mentioned that the P.O.s son was a farmer and had "redone" some of the electrical. Nothwithstanding that the building inspector and I found some outlets that were GFI swith equipped while others were not and called for. So I wondered if he'd bungled the service panel as well. So I took a gander at our breaker panel and short of replacing an occasional breaker and main fuse I'm a novice when it comes to these panels. The photo shows the two breakers marked 'oven' on the panel (which are the 3rd and fourth down), is there a smoking gun here?

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