I'm stuck! Does this look okay?

sweets98October 25, 2007

I'm having one of those crafting moments where I don't think this project is going the way I planned it so I'm frustrated!

DH used a 4X4 for something and cut the piece he didn't need off in an angle. I found it on the scrap pile and immediately thought about making a tall skinny birdhouse. That's been in the plans for a while now....

Recently I changed the birdhouse idea to a tall skinny outhouse for my bathroom. I have a spot by the cupboard straight inside the door that I want to sit it. I thought about painting all sorts of things around it like vines, grass, flowers in a flower box, something sitting against it, etc but after looking through lots of outhouse photos today, I chose to go simple, just the basics.

I did the door and thought I needed a simple window on the side because it looked too plain. Now I don't think I like it. I think I did the window up too high or something and it looks a little off. I could take it off if I sanded that spot and re-did the base coat and all of that. It's just stain wiped on in spots to look aged.

Also, I seem to be stuck on whether I should do the roof in all brown, another color, make it look like tin or shingles! LOL

At first when I planned to do the birdhouse, I was going to wrap lights around the whole thing or something and sit it on the porch. Now I can't get the lights out of my mind but I don't think it will look quite the same with lights wrapped around an outhouse! LOL Man, if DH would just make me one of those tall lighted saltbox houses, I think my "need' for all of this would be filled! LOL

What do you think?

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I'd find a piece of tin somewhere and nail it on for the roof. Do you have a Habitat Restore near you? A great place to find second hand building materials, especially if you only need a little bit! Interesting idea! I love outhouses!


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What a totally cute idea Leslie! Hope you can get it the way you like it. I like Arlene's idea of putting a real tin roof on it if you can find something that will work. I was thinking corrugated tin. I think the window looks ok too. You've come up with another winner. I think it's just adorable. ~Anj

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Soo cute! dont have any ideas for you but had to jump in and tell you how cute and clever your idea is, and you have something usefull for your home!

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how about a horse shoe above the door. Don't forget to hang it with the opening UP. Otherwise the good luck will fall out

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Just a thought from a usual lurker - you mentioned that you "aged" the outhouse (which is very cute by the way)so maybe you would like it better if you aged the window. Maybe sand it some so it doesn't look like a new window in an old outhouse. And I like your picket fence on the wall!

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I think since the whole outhouse is purposely out of perspective that the window doesn't make a difference where it is...it is just plain cute.

My real outhouse has a window in it.


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I am going to mess with the window a bit. I haven't worked on this thing since I posted the other day. I had a skick kiddo home from school that day but yesterday he was much worse. I've been dealing with that now. DS asthma flares up this time of year with the weather change and then he ended up with strep on top of it. He's doing MUCH better today :)

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I think it's cute!! Is there a way you could cut the windows out instead of them being painted on? Maybe using a jigsaw?

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Hope DS feels better Leslie! ~Anj

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I probably COULD cut the windows out, however, they will just be empty spaces. I can't hollow out the whole 4X4.

I wanted to work on this today but I decided to dig into the valances I have to make. I'm not having fun. MIL gave me fabric that they picked up for Vacation Bible School to use in the center of the tables. So everything is cut length wise already and her windows are large and it's an old house so none of them are the same width. I can't double the fabric like I should because I would end up having to sew two pieces together and she doesn't want a seam. I'm not getting paid and I don't have the money right now to buy something to line them so she's getting what she's getting. Why do people that can't sew think it's really easy to take fabric and whip up exactly what they want. I mean, if you don't have enough fabric, you don't and you're kind of screwed! LOL She probably won't notice that they're not right but I KNOW!

Back to work....

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Everyone has given some really good ideas. I wanted to tell you how cute it is. I collect outhouses in my bathroom that my husband made to look like an outhouse itself. If you don't want to fool with it, you can send it to me! Love it!

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Pudge 2b

I love the simplicity of it and think it looks great just the way it is.

Going with your thought on lights, and flower/grasses/vines, I had a thought - you could build a small base around the bottom in which you could then tuck in lights and tall&narrow silk floral.

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