Not thrilled with our Miele Futura Crystal

bliljaDecember 30, 2012

We installed this in a house we just purchased, and it's not bad, but also not terrific. Dishes need to be rinsed fairly thoroughly before going in to get clean. Have an occasional run that leaves dirt on dishes. And the drying's not the best. Had high expectations based on reviews. Reactions?

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Are you using Miele/Somat products?

Tabs,Salt and/or Rinse Aid?

If yes I would call Miele to have a tech come out and see.

If not I would give those a try first. All of them at once.

My dishes come out perfect every time on my La Perla II with the possbile exception of some plastics which may be a little wet. I use Miele tabs,salt and rinse aid.

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I don't pre-rinse anything including casserole dishes where I just made au gratin potatoes. Just scrape.

And in the case of that casserole dish pots'n pans or starch and cheese program.

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^^^^^^ ditto

don't rinse your dishes going into any euro dishwasher.

If you have wet dishes , you are not using rinse aid - or enough.

Plastics, especially thin ones or things with lots of ridges like sippy cups and tupperware that will hold puddles of water in the ridges of the rims and nipples WILL NOT dry in a euro model or even in a domestic one for that matter ! That puddles of water require more energy to evaporate than either can produce on in dry cycle.

This is experienced by many people using euro dishwashers for the first time , especially mieles because all they hear is : "it's the most fantastic thing on the planet and it even folds socks and does windows" blather. There is a learning curve with these that some people find annoying, and, if not followed gives poor results.

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I don't rinse anything.
If it isn't cleaning contact Miele

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As others have said, you shouldn't rinse at all, just scrape. Pre-rinsing your dishes will cause them, and your glasses, to etch, because you are not giving the detergent anything to "work" on, so it works on the plates themselves. So do not rinse, just scrape. Also, use rinse-aid - you don't need to buy the expensive stuff, just Jet Dry at the supermarket works fine.

I am wondering if your hot water is hooked up properly to the DW. If the DW is just running cold water, things won't get clean. Or perhaps your water isn't draining out properly, which would explain dirt left on dishes. As others have said, call Miele and have them come check your DW. It should still be under warranty.

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