Self Appliance Install - Possible?

duttyDecember 3, 2012

Greetings All.

If I was to install certain appliances on my own, would that void the warranty?

I have the opportunity to get a floor model Miele refrigerator and induction cooktop but if I purchase them now I have to house them for 6 months in my storage space because we aren't ready for appliances yet. When the time comes, can I just do them myself or do I need to hire a professional? I wouldn't have considered it in the past BUT I've had issues in my last two homes of appliances being installed wrong by "professionals." I always figure that no one cares and is as anal as me so maybe this is something I could tackle. But, I don't want to end up without a warranty on a 6K refrigerator!

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No, installation yourself doesn't void a warranty - but is your Miele a built-in fridge? Those are much harder to install.

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I have installed my appliances and never had a warranty issue. I too like things done right and I find that in most cases it may take me longer to install but the end result is much better. It is hard to find good contractors. I have had more bad than good.

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Read the actual warranty. I think I've seen a couple of them -- on dishwashers, IIRC -- which had wording about having to use a company certified installer. One of them said something about getting extra years on the warranty for appliances installed by an installer certified by the company.

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I've installed all my own appliances - Viking built in fridge, 36" range, Miele DW, and Smeg wall oven.

IMO, unless a dealer installs alot of these - your probably going to get some guy who doesn't know any more than you do.

The main item is to get the installation manuals (most can be found online as pdf's). You have to read and reread and understand how to level the appliance, and where the outlets and water supplies have to be located.

Even if you don't install yourself, you need to make sure the electrician and plumber know, cause many of these appliances have very specific locations for connections.

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I've never heard of DIY installations voiding a warranty. But I have heard that Miele offers to double the warranty if the unit is installed by their own people.

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Yeah, it's Miele I was thinking of that doubles the warranty when you use their certified installers for their DWs. I can't recall who had the other warranty I saw, only that it had something in it about using company installers. While I've always done my own installs and I would be surprised to find a provision that outright forbids DIY installation, I also have been surprised by things I find in fine print.

Might be of concern to the OP because he will be holding the appliances for six months before install. Sometimes warranties run from date of purchase, sometimes from delivery to the customer, and sometimes run from the install. I think it best to read the document and find out beforehand. Who knows what evil lurks in the fine print if you do not read it?

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