Best appliance to deep fry

lalitharDecember 5, 2012

We very occasionally deep fry. In the past, I only had a gas cooktop and it was a constant battle of adjusting the temperature up and down to get the item being fried cooked but not too browned. The end result would be a few perfect items, some underdone, many a bit overdone and a few burnt. In my new kitchen, I will have an induction cooktop as well as a gas wok ring. My question is can I achieve consistent temperature control with just the induction or is it worth it to invest in a separate countertop deep fryer appliance. My goal is to minimize the oil being soaked into the food and get a nice end result.

I know that there is a difference in just maintaining the preferred temperature and being able to rapidly bring the oil up the correct temperature once the cold/ wet food is added. When I deep fry I try to use an oil with a high smoke point like sunflower oil. We typically don't reuse oil, so once I am done frying and the oil cools off, I will properly dispose of it.

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If most induction units are like mine, (Electrolux), and I bet they are, they will maintain an extremely accurate temp with little fluctuations.

When Mojavean and I had a contest to see who could maintain the lowest temperature, (His simmer burner on his blue star and I used the largest hob on my induction cooktop). It held 119 degrees, as I recall, with a fluctuation of less than a 1 degree for more than an hour or until I fell asleep (which ever came sooner). The video is on Utube if you want to check it out. I'm sure the cooktop would do just as well at maintaining a constant temperature at higher levels too.


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